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10/03/08 1:45 AM ET

Lou Piniella postgame interview

Manager says last two games were the worst all year in errors

Your team tonight, the pitching, the hitting, the defense, this isn't the team we've seen.

LOU PINIELLA: I don't think you can win 97 ballgames playing that way. It wasn't good baseball. In fact, the last two days, they've probably been the two worst games we've played all year from a walking and errors standpoint.

It wasn't fun to watch, I can tell you that.

On the flipside of that, have these games in any way kind of amplified the difference between what they are now and what they were when you saw them back in May?

LOU PINIELLA: Listen, you play the way we played, it doesn't matter who your opposition is. You've got to improve that effort. I mean, that second inning -- actually Zambrano threw the ball well, but we talked (chuckling) about being a good defensive team, and certainly tonight we weren't.

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Before the game you acknowledged it was not a do or die situation.

LOU PINIELLA: No, and this is why I don't like to talking about do or die things, and I hear that from a few of our players. I'll talk to them about it. This is not do or die.

Actually we're sending a pretty good pitcher out there on the mound in Los Angeles on Saturday in Harden, and we're sending a darned good pitcher out to the mound also on Sunday in Lilly.

So we haven't played well at home; we've got a chance to go to Los Angeles and play good baseball and win a few ballgames and bring it back here. But we've got to play better baseball, and we've got to hit the ball a little better than we have. There's no question about that.

As the game went on, Fukudome continues to struggle ...

LOU PINIELLA: From now on I don't want to hear about Fukudome anymore as far as whether he's going to play or not. I'm going to play Fontenot or Reed Johnson or somebody else and that's the end of that story. The kid is struggling, and there's no sense sending him out there anymore.

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