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10/04/08 1:45 AM ET

Postgame inteview with Mike Scioscia

Angels manager discusses Game 2 loss to Boston

Mike, which Josh Beckett are you guys going to be waiting for, the guy that's a monster during the postseason, the Josh Beckett with the injury or the guy that you dominate during the regular season?

MANAGER SCIOSCIA: Well, we'll see. You have to prepare for all of them and we'll see when we get into the game what his stuff is like. Tough to answer that right now.

How about the way Ervin Santana finished? It wasn't a good one, but off the double by Ellsbury, he came in and threw better after that?

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MANAGER SCIOSCIA: I think Ervin was throwing really hard. He struck out Dustin Pedroia on one for the second out of the first inning and it was a little bit flat.

It came out hard but it moved away and it was almost the same plane that the one he left in the zone to Bay he hit out. He was throwing the ball very hard, almost felt a little bit too strong, once he got his feet on the ground he pitched well.

Mike, what do you tell your guys in the locker room after tonight, a tough loss?

MANAGER SCIOSCIA: We have a challenge. This game ain't over until somebody wins three games, it's the type of series. They're down, we go into Boston, win a game and the pressure is back on them.

We need to play baseball. I thought we did a good job tonight. We did a lot of things well, and unfortunately they hit a couple of long balls that ended up being the difference in the game. But we're just -- there is a challenge in front of us and the only way to meet it is going to be pitch by pitch, inning by inning on Sunday and we played well in their park all year and we have to do it now instead.

Have you thought about starting Kendrick?

MANAGER SCIOSCIA: Kendry Morales? We'll have some things to think about and we'll see.

What do you think of Daisuke Matsuzaka's pitching today?

MANAGER SCIOSCIA: He didn't do anything that surprised us, when he got some counts and had a chance to put hitters away he did a good job. He used a lot of pitches to get to that point in the game, but we got some good looks and he has a knack for having good pitches when he needs them and he certainly got some tonight.

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