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10/04/08 5:09 PM ET

An interview with Matt Garza

Rays starting pitcher not taking anything for granted

I know you don't want to keep reliving your entire season but given this is your first post season appearance, how fortunately do you feel to be in this position given the way the year started and how it almost imploded at one point?

MATT GARZA: Huge. I won't take it for granted. You know, it's -- all you can say is it's just going to be an experience. It's just another game. Just going to go out there and do the same I've done.

Does it feel any different wearing a winter cap in October playing baseball at this point in the slightly colder weather than you are use to?

MATT GARZA: I enjoy every minute of it. This is what you play 162 games for so why not enjoy it?

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This is a pitcher's park when it's cool. And in the summer it's home run hitter's park. When you go out there tomorrow, do you think about how it might play or do you just have a game plan in mind?

MATT GARZA: I just have one game plan. You know, you got to the take into account this team on the other side is real dangerous no matter what type of park you play in. I think they lead the AL in home runs hit so they can pop one out at any given time. Stick to my game plan that's about it, that's all I worry about.

Potential clinching game, do you think about that or not?

MATT GARZA: Oh no not at all. You know, this team is, like I said, they're dangerous and they've had their backs against the wall four straight days and they're here facing us right now. So you know they play real well under pressure.

Matt, you've had some of your better performances on year on the road. Is there anything to that do you kind of get charged up coming to places like this?

MATT GARZA: You know, I really don't, can't really say you know anything adrenaline wise. It's just one of those days on the road. It's one of those days. I've had good outings at home but just one of those days, stars all alignment and everything. Not much you can say about it.

There's no bigger supporter of you on the team than Navy. Can you talk about how your relationship with him has developed here over the last few months?

MATT GARZA: Huge. I consider him like a brother. You know, that's what happens. He's gotten us here, he's carried this entire staff on his back. Nothing else you can say about it, a lot of trust and a lot of love for that guy.

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