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10/05/08 2:13 PM ET

Pregame interview with Ozzie Guillen

White Sox manager meets the media prior to Game 3

Is there anything about the Rays through two games that has surprised you at all?

Ozzie Guillen: Not really. Because we have expectations pretty high. They've been playing like that all year long. They got clutch hitting. They pitch well. Everybody come out of the bullpen and does a tremendous job. Most scouting report, my report, has the way that they play and that's the way they're going to perform. Not any surprise for a second the way they performed the last couple games.

Ozzie, is there any difference in the clubhouse atmosphere, attitude in the locker room from this Sunday to last Sunday. You have to win three games to make it to the next level?

Ozzie Guillen: One thing about our ball club is no matter how bad we play, how good we play, most the players stay at the same level. We just go out there and perform. We've been in this situation before. We are in this situation for a long time, do or die games, and now, I mean, it's just something you have to create.

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I talked to the players yesterday during the workout, I see everybody's face, I don't want any of the players doing anything different or try to overdo stuff or don't do what they're just suppose to do. I think right now we're fine. Just wait for the game time and see. Everything in the clubhouse, they play cards, they talk to each other and I don't see anything different at all from what happened all year. We've been doing the same stuff.

Ozzie, how happy are you to be out of the dome again?

Ozzie Guillen: Well, I mean, there's one thing about it we're not playing well when we play on artificial grass and play in the dome. But I don't think that's the affect. I think the team played good out there, they beat our ball club. They play those type of ballparks. Hopefully every time we left the dome we come home and we win five, six games in a row. Hopefully will be the scenario.

It will be more excited as we go back to play in the dome. I think that's the main thing. If we go back there and perform once again.

Along those lines, Ozzie, do you feel like if you can just get through today this thing could turn? Do you have a pretty favorable pitching match up in Game 4 and who knows what could happen in Game 5?

Ozzie Guillen: I say that long ago when we were in trouble and we played a couple games with Cleveland. I talked to the media and talked to the players. We win one game, that's what we need. And after that then we win three games in a row.

If we win today, obviously we have to, but I think it is more relaxed for the players. I think we have a great chance because we can put this ball club there's a lot of hot and cold. When we're cold, we lost five, six games in a row. When we're hot we just roll. Especially when we play here. I would like to see that. Win one game and we'll see what happens.

Gavin Floyd, you have him set. Does his situation change after today's game? In other words, you win today, tomorrow you have a different approach what you have to do?

Ozzie Guillen: If we win today then tomorrow I want to see how Buehrle feel. I got a lot depending on my mind we don't make that decision yet. It's because I want them to see a lefty every time they come to play. Because this ball club, they have some left handed hitters that are scary. Longoria is the one do the damage.

But I would like to see them facing a left handed pitcher. But I don't make that decision yet. Between Buehrle and Vasquez we've got to see how they're doing.

You've talked so much about this being an up and down season. Have you been able to have fun and personally as a manager and stay loose and not let that tension show?

Ozzie Guillen: Tough season for me. Real tough. I think tougher than 2007 when we really was bad.

I think we have so many different things to do day in and day out. So many problems on the field and off the field. A lot of injuries, I mean, fight all the way through it. It wasn't easy. But you learn from that situation and you are excited about it because I'm here.

I give my coaching staff a lot of credit about making sure those guys still believe in themselves. And we have a key injuries. And you see, the papers or anyplace we never make any excuse. Those players overcome those injuries you know what I mean. And I feel proud the way the team handled the problem we have on and off the field. That's the reason I think. But it's personal, I want to see my picture I want to see my face right now to see how much I age. But it's been tough but it's been fun because we prove a lot of people wrong. We prove a lot of people did not believe what we could do and we're here.

Are you surprised the Rays have been able to come back to win twice especially considering the teams at the end of the post season a lot of the players too?

Ozzie Guillen: What?

The Rays have come back from deficits twice to win games in this series. Are you surprised because a lot of the guys are doing and they don't seem to have gotten down when they fall behind in a game?

Ozzie Guillen: No, I don't think because their manager is pretty good. They have a coaching staff out there. They have experience. Those guys, they know they was down before. I think only those guys will play the same level no matter what. I don't think there will be any panicking or whatever happen. I think they're going to go show up to the ballpark every day and play the same way no matter what the situation is.

What do you expect from Danks and is your bullpen fully locked and loaded and ready to go?

Ozzie Guillen: Everybody's ready to go. You know, I said couple days ago I don't worry about my pitching staff. I worry about my offense. That's all I worry about. Because we pitch well. Our offense has been kind of quiet. We don't have the big hits. And, you know, you have to get the big hit against them if you want to win. And I think our pitching staff is good enough to recover games.

Ozzie, how big do you think Floyd's outing against the Tigers last week was for him? And what have you seen out of him over the final couple months of the season?

Ozzie Guillen: A lot of respect about my pitching staff. The reason why we are where we are right now because the two kids stepping up, Floyd and Danks. If those kids do not step it up the way they did, I'd be playing golf right now, or I'd be back in Caracas. Those two kids was the key for us. They pitch in really tough games and they handled it real well. They the did more than we thought they were going to do. Thank God those two the kids step it up and do what they did. I have plenty confidence of them. They're not going to be afraid. They'll be able to be out there and they'll take advantage of the situation.

I think you said that in essence that it could be possible because Buehrle would be on three days rest that if you win today that he could possibly be considered tomorrow?

Ozzie Guillen: Yes. Yes. It's in my mind. I got to talk to my coaching staff and see what they think. And it's not just because obviously everybody knows Vazquez trouble last four outings but the think the only reason I leaning to Buehrle just because he is a left handed pitcher.

Are the Rays the best team you've seen in the American League and is there a weak link in their line up?

Ozzie Guillen: All year long?


Ozzie Guillen: I think the best team in the American League to be honest with you in spring training was the Seattle Mariners. Just look at the team in spring training and wow. Good ball club.

I think as a team they have a lot of weapons to beat you. They can beat you with speed, defense, stealing some runs and bunting. A couple guys on that team out of the ballpark. They're pretty good solid baseball team. Real solid. Best team in the American League? You know, topping my mind you will be the best team in the American League when you play the world series against the National League. That's who will be the best team in the American League.

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