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10/05/08 3:30 PM ET

Gavin Floyd pregame interview

White Sox pitcher addresses media prior to Game 3

Gavin, conditioning wise, how are you feeling this time of year

Gavin Floyd: Good. Been doing the same old routine this time of year. Just trying to keep strong. A.T. does a good job. Our trainers here have a good program and just try to keep maintaining.

Gavin, is it tough to stay focused not knowing if you're going to play tomorrow or not, if there's going to be a Game 4?

Gavin Floyd: I would say, I mean, you can make it tough. I mean, but I'm prepared. I'm ready to go. I'm expecting us to play tomorrow. So that's the mentality that I take into it.

Gavin, how do you prepare for today's game? Have you already done that or is it second nature?

Gavin Floyd: I had a couple extra days but I pretty much do the same thing I've done pretty much all year. Workout, do arm stuff, and prepare myself for the game, you know.

So what ...

Gavin Floyd: Nothing's different.

So what happens to change what you have to do tomorrow?

Gavin Floyd: Exactly. Everything's the same.

Do you have to approach the Rays any differently than you would another team or are they similar to some of the teams you've faced this year?

Gavin Floyd: I think every team's different. You know, different players, different approaches, different, you know, swings and stuff. So definitely end up going to strengths you know.

You know what they're good at and what they're not so good at. Pretty much every hitter is good at everything. But you just try to go with what you are best at, and go from there.

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Do you find them to be one of the more aggressive teams in baseball offensively?

Gavin Floyd: I don't know. Probably sometimes. Some points they, you know, I think some of them can be patient, some of them can be aggressive.

I think each team has different types of hitters. And I've seen teams that are just swinging out the gates every bat. But I think they're pretty aggressive.

Is there any particular part of the line up or any particular batter that they had out there that you might have trouble with or you have had trouble with in the past?

Gavin Floyd: I've never I haven't faced these guys this year.

As you look at them and see what they've been able to do, as you look at them and see what they've been able to do

Gavin Floyd: I believe I can get those guys out, you know. So until they prove me wrong, then I guess we'll find out.

Have you learned a lot then from watching your teammates pitch thus far in the series?

Gavin Floyd: Am I impressed by them?

Have you learned what have you learned in watching your guys pitch from the dugout?

Gavin Floyd: Definitely getting ahead of these guys is key, you know. I think that's any team.

Javier was the first game and, you know, he's more of me because I am a right hander, he's a right hander. But there is certain situation, I guess, I can look back and, you know, learn from it. And Buehrle, same thing. But he is a little different. He is a left hander, more on the corner and stuff. Mix it up pretty well.

So I think you take both of those games and you try to learn as much as possible.

How much was your last start against the Tigers in the make up game. How much was that a playoff atmosphere for you and is there anything that you can take from that into this outing?

Gavin Floyd: The fans have always been great. The atmosphere has been great here.

Once you get on the mound you've seen the atmosphere doesn't really come into play. I mean, you can feed off of it, you know, when things are going well, but once you get your focus and, you know, you just get your focus that kind of is in the background, you know.

As you start the game today, do you approach in today's game change your idea of what you have to do tomorrow. As you approach it into your team pitching, does it change anything you have to do tomorrow?

Gavin Floyd: Change my approach?

Let me rephrase the question. You're going to change the game today?

Gavin Floyd: Anything can happen today that will change your approach to what you have to do tomorrow. No. I mean, I'm just going to feed off what the three games that we're going to play and try to learn as much as possible. And just, you know, stick with the same game plan. It's been pretty much the same all year. Which is go with my strengths and try to get ahead.

Does it feel like déjà vu last Sunday you guys had to win three games to make it to the playoffs and now you guys have to win three to make it to the next round and pitching on Monday at home?

Gavin Floyd: You know, we put ourselves in a tough situation both times. So we've done it before and definitely capable of doing it again. I think we have the team to do it so.

Gavin, how are you health wise? Do you feel like you're as strong for this upcoming outing as you have been, maybe like the last three or four starts?

Gavin Floyd: Yeah, I mean, I've been I think the only time I kind of was a little weak was me first three days. But I learned from that and kind of learned from what happened the first three days to prepare myself for the next three days.

But I feel real strong. Been working out real hard and just trying to maintain my strength and, you know, stretch and everything. So everything feels good.

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