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10/05/08 9:28 PM ET

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

Manager told his pitcher to stay aggressive

Ozzie, can you talk about the first couple innings. Again Danks got out of a couple jams and that kind of set the tone for him?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well, you know, obviously I think he should be cautious and try to find the plate around. But I mean assume is as soon as the ball come out of his hand I feel good about it. Because you could see his stuff was there. This kid's been battling all year long. Another game for him the way he battled.

First of all how big this is victory?

OZZIE GUILLEN: At least we play tomorrow. That's the only thing about it. But it give us maybe a little, a lot of comfort for tomorrow's game. And, like I said, we play against the wall before and we come out of it.

I mean, just, you know, we're going to put a lot of pressure on them. Because every day in the playoffs -- every, every game is important. And no matter you win the first two games or -- the important thing about playoff, you got to win three games out of five. No matter how you win it, that's all you can do. I feel good about it. If we turn the ball we'll see a chance of what happened.

Can you talk about being more aggressive on the base path and how much I assume you enjoy seeing the three slowest runners in the planet tag up.

OZZIE GUILLEN: To be honest I thought Griffey cheated. I never thought he went back to the bag. They're good smart base running. I think that was a big big, huge play for us in that inning. Huge.

I think it get everybody excited in the dugout and see those guys play the game the way it should be playing. We got to move, you know, people round, you know, hit run here and try to steal a couple bases. We get something done.

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Ozzie, it's kind of similar along the same lines, Junior and Thome both came through, both got hits, both got on base, both scored. You've been looking for runs. Can you talk about the job they did?

OZZIE GUILLEN: I think that's the reason I keep the same line up. Try to keep those guys together. Those guys get it going and this team is going to be danger. We have a couple guys and when those two guys step up in a big situation you know what I mean we can score some runs.

And give the rest of the teammates getting going also.They look up to them. They the veteran of the team and they swing the bat good. At least good at bats then we can get something done.

Ozzie, any further decisions on the rotation going forward? Especially if there's a game five?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Not yet. Right now we see how Buerhle feels and I'm going to take it from there. See how he feels strong enough to start. I don't have any problem starting with him.

Do you see Danks really developing in the last few weeks particularly as a big game pitcher?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Bigger for us. If Danks loses either way -- in either game he pitch we not be here right now.

I don't know why I have plenty confidence in those two kids. Every time they go out there they perform well. Tough situation. I think every situation get those guys tougher and tougher. One thing about John Danks he hang around with the right guy. Hang around with Mark Buehrle and he pick his brain. This kid's got a chance to be a hell of a pitcher.

Ozzie, Danks walked Longoria in the sixth and went 2-0 on Crawford. You walk out and talk to Danks, what did you tell him? Because after that he struck out Crawford, Aybar and got Navarro to fly out?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Well the only way you are going to lose the game is walking people. Because everybody in the line up can hit the ball out of the ballpark. I told him stay aggressive. Don't strike. Don't try to aim the ball. Don't try to throw the best pitch. Just stay aggressive and that's what he did.

He walked a couple guys it can be ugly but that's what he's been doing all year and I want him to throw the ball the best you can and hope for the best.

I know it's not your main concern but I don't think a lot of people would have guessed outside this team you guys would be alive, the Cubs would be gone. Does it feel the good to carry the city's banner right now as far as playing?

OZZIE GUILLEN: Not really it feel good because I win one game and don't get swept. I don't care about the Cubs. I have feeling for those guys I know the situation they're are. It's not easy walking in Chicago.

I sent a message to Zambrano last night. I said keep your head up, I cannot say what I said to him, but keep your head up and you did what you suppose to do you guys just come short. Lou Piniella one of my heroes. I have lot of respect for him. Not a Cub fan, no. But I have a lot of people there I care for.

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