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10/06/08 3:08 PM ET

Pregame interview with Dewayne Wise

White Sox speedster discusses playoff mentality, career

Dwayne if you had a chance after any of these ballgames, maybe the three elimination games or any point during September, to kind of think back to where you were before the season started and where you are now?

DEWAYNE WISE: I do it all the time. You know, I have a lot of family and friends that always bring it up, you know. You know, they are always saying things like, look at the offseason you had and look where you are now. It's a blessing.

Dwayne, was there another point in your career since Atlanta where, you know, you came out of Spring Training or got into the late days of spring training and felt for sure that you were going to be able to stick in the Major Leagues and it just didn't work out? How many other times have there been where you felt like you had a chance to make it and just got disappointed?

DEWAYNE WISE: You know, it was a couple times with Cincinnati I know. I can remember we had four days before the end of camp, and, you know, I dislocated my ankle. If it wouldn't have been for that I would have made that ball club out of spring training.

So it's been a rough ride for me the last couple years with injuries and stuff like that. But, you know, I stayed positive at the same time. You know, just kept working hard and now I'm here in Chicago.

Two questions, DeWayne. How have you been able to keep your confidence up after maybe you have a bad game, let's say that game in Minnesota where some guys were left on bases? Is it easy to recover from that considering you have had so many ups and downs? Second, everyone is talking about this team playing well with their backs against the wall. Do you notice a real difference with this team as compared to some other teams you've been on?

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DEWAYNE WISE: You know, I just think it's all about just going out there and, you know, playing your game and trying not to do too much.

You know, not too many people get to play a game for a living. You know, it's a lot about having fun, but at the same time, you want to win. So I think that's the way we look at it.

DeWayne, can you take us into the locker room and tell us what it's like now compared to the regular season, and, if it's the same, how do you think that's done? Just by the veterans that are in there that have been through this before?

DEWAYNE WISE: I mean, I think it's the same. You know, these guys won the World Series a couple years ago. And, you know, I don't see that anybody's pressing or nervous or anything like that. You know, they know that we have to go out there and win the game tonight or we go home.

So we're just going to go out there today and just leave everything on the field and try to get back to Tampa.

Just a quick thought on Sonnanstine. He's got that hitch and everything, and how much have you seen of him or whatever on the starter today?

DEWAYNE WISE: I haven't had the chance to go watch the video yet, but once batting practice is over with, you know, I'll sit down with Walker and we'll watch the video and, you know, he'll tell me pretty much how he is going to pitch me and we'll go from there.

Can you talk about what it's like being more of a speed player on a power team? Do the you feel more pressure to run like you did last night, or does that change your mindset at all?

DEWAYNE WISE: No, not at all. I mean, I don't feel any pressure when I am out there on the bases.

I think that's what a power team needs is, you know, guys to get on, steal a base, you know, to make their job easier.

When a speedy guy gets on first base and he steals second, you know, that makes Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Konerko's job a lot easier. The only thing they need is a base hit, a ground ball up the middle or something. Nine times out of 10 that guy will score.

DeWayne, are there things you know now after what you have been through your experience, going through the Minor Leagues, that you wish you knew back in your Atlanta days? And how many things are there?

DEWAYNE WISE: Yeah, I mean, one thing that I learned is, you know, the pitcher is going to get you out more times than you are going to get him. So, you know, you have a bad game, you just have to shake it off, and, you know, come out tomorrow and be ready to play.

You know, I know when I was younger, you know, I always felt like that, you know, I had to try to do too much if I had a bad game or something like that, made an error, I would probably get sent back down to the minor leagues or whatever.

But now I am a lot older. I just take advantage of every chance I get to play and just have fun.

Do the Rays look any more tight or nervous or different yesterday than they did in Games 1 and 2?

DEWAYNE WISE: No, they came out the first inning right away swinging the bat. So I just think that Danks pitched a great game. He kept those guys off balance all night. He kept them off the basepaths.

I think he had one bad inning when Upton hit the home run. Besides that, you know, he pitched great. You know, I think those guys came out with the attitude of wanting to win. But, you know, like I said, Danks pitched a great game and we was able to win that ball game last night.

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