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10/06/08 4:16 PM ET

A pregame interview with Dioner Navarro

Rays catcher talks about his pitching staff

Dioner, a two part question. I was wondering what you thought of that play Longoria made the other day when he dove right and made the two bounce throw to first and what he's meant to your team this year?

DIONER NAVARRO: He means a lot. I think we wouldn't be here without him. He's a great player. And we are really happy with the job that he have done for the whole team. And he does a lot for us defensively and offensively.

You've been able to bounce back seems every situation this year. What is the mood of the team right now?

DIONER NAVARRO: Well, we feel that we don't have to bounce back from nothing, you know. We lost a tough game yesterday. All we got to do is go after it today. We got to go out there and play hard and play the way we've been playing through the whole season and hopefully we can finish this thing today.

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Navi, what's it like catching the off speed Sonnanstine after a couple days of Garza and Kazmir and what do you think that will be like for hitters?

DIONER NAVARRO: Well I think there's total different style of pitcher. We had Garza going yesterday and then we got Sonni. He is it's no secret Sonni going to mix his pitches and try to trick the other team. I think we're going to be fine. We got a lot of confidence in Sonnanstine today and hopefully he pitches the way that he's been doing.

Navi, we know you are banged up toward the end of the year. What do you account for your hot start you have had in this series so far?

DIONER NAVARRO: It goes all the way back to last season, my second half was a great half. And ever since then everything has been going really good for me. And hopefully keeps going the same way through the playoffs.

What about this series?

DIONER NAVARRO: I just been doing what I've been doing through the whole season. I haven't really been changing nothing. It's just another game. Maybe a little bit more pressure but that's about it. But you got to play hard, you got to catch the ball, you got to get 27 outs and that's the bottom line.

I am not sure if you talked about it post game or not yesterday but did A.J. at the plate when he stuck his bat out yesterday did that affect you a little bit?

DIONER NAVARRO: It was funny because the first time I saw that was last night on Baseball Tonight, I didn't even realize he did it.

I didn't even see it. And that's the way he plays, you know. We play our way, he plays his way. So I don't really got nothing to say about that.

Did you have any reaction when you saw it?

DIONER NAVARRO: Last night after I saw it, I just more like surprised. Me and him have a good relationship. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to do nothing bad or nothing. That's just him. And that's him. That's it. Bottom line, that's him.

(Question in Spanish.)

DIONER NAVARRO: (Answer in Spanish.)

You mentioned that's sort of the way A.J. plays. That's his game. What do you think about when he plays that way?

DIONER NAVARRO: Nothing. That's how he plays. I mean, players got different ways to play, I guess. And that's how it is. Everybody knows that's how he plays.

We really don't have anything against it, you know. We are just going to go out there and play our way too, you know, and that's the bottom line.

Ozzie said that the pressure probably is on you guys now to kind of close this out as opposed to go to Game 5. Do you feel the pressure is on you guys?

DIONER NAVARRO: We just feel we got to go out there and play hard. That's all we got to do.

Yeah we're playing a great team and I've said it before they can overcome this deficit. All we got to do is play hard and whatever happens. We can't control the thing we can't control. Besides that all we got to do is play hard.

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