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10/10/08 6:10 PM ET

Pregame interview with Beckett

Red Sox starter discusses his Game 2 preparation

Could you talk about pitching against Scott in high school and maybe any memorable match ups that you've had along the way with Scott?

JOSH BECKETT: No, he's actually, I think, three or four years younger than me. I never faced him in high school. Actually his school was in our district for one year. We ended up getting shuffled around three or four times while I was in high school as far as districts go. Cyp Falls was in our district for one year, but I think it might have actually been before he was there.

You were unusually deliberate it seemed in your tempo, particularly early going, Game 3 in the Division Series. Was that a function of not having pitched in a while, being a little out of sorts? What was behind that, and how did it affect you?

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JOSH BECKETT: You know, it wasn't premeditated or anything like that. I think it's just how the game is going. I think that the pace of the game for a pitcher, I think, sometimes ends up being dictated by a bunch of different things.

On the Fenway radar gun, you topped out about 92 on your fastball that last start. You've thrown a lot harder than that. What were the factors that went into that reduction in velocity do you think?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know. Some of it can be placement of the gun. Like I said, I don't really put much merit on what the gun says because it's different from place to place.

Has your routine gotten back to any more normalcy this week compared to the last start?

JOSH BECKETT: Well, we try to keep it as normal as possible, but after I got healthy enough to where I could do certain things.

So it was pretty normal last time, but yeah, I definitely think the last five days have kind of gotten a little more normal as far as being able to do everything that I generally do.

What's the biggest challenge to facing this Rays lineup?

JOSH BECKETT: There's a lot of challenges. You know, I think 1 through 9, as far as situational hitting goes, I think they were probably about as good as they came in the major leagues this year; not only against us watching them, but also watching them play other teams.

I think just situationally, you've got to make sure that you put yourself into a good situation because they can hit with runners in scoring position.

What is the biggest difference between having the two weeks that you had off before the last start, and then going through what would be a normal week? How do you see the differences as far as how that affects you?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know, I think it's different from year to year or month to month. I think sometimes two weeks off might be good for you, sometimes it might not be. Sometimes it may be more beneficial than others. I guess the answer to that is, I don't really know.

Even though you and Scott were a few years separated in high school, he was coming up as a pro once you had been established. Has there been anything that you've talked to him about, or have you communicated much with him since he came up, being in the same division and all?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't think we've talked too much about anything like that. You know, generally it's just kind of a, hey, how you doing relationship. I think most people, particularly pitchers from Texas, generally end up talking about fishing or hunting or something like that. We don't generally end up talking about too much.

I know you've been pretty adamant about not ever wanting to blame injuries, but with what you're dealing with, going forward, do you think you are going to be able to be who you would be at your best? Are you going to be able to be your best going through the rest of October with what you're dealing with?

JOSH BECKETT: Yeah, I'm going to be the best I can be.

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