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10/11/08 8:42 PM ET

Hiroki Kuroda workout day interview

Pitcher tries to pitch best game under any circumstance

Curious, in the last series, you took the ball with a 2-0 lead. Now you're taking it with an 0-2 deficit. Does that change the way you go about thinking through this start?

HIROKI KURODA: I try not to think about the situation right now, win or lose, wins or losses. I'm going to challenge them the same way I did the last outing.

Do you enjoy pitching in pressure packed games like this one?

HIROKI KURODA: It's really hard to enjoy a game under pressure, but in any game I try to pitch my game, and it's fulfilling after you can pitch your game.

So this time I try not to lose under this pressure and try to pitch my game as always.

The last game you pitched you got a lot of good advice from the previous starting pitchers, Derek Lowe and Chad Billingsley. Did you get the same kind of advice from these starting pitchers this time?

HIROKI KURODA: This time I haven't had time to talk to them, but I've been doing research with video and if I have time I'd like to talk to those starting pitchers and get some good advice.

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Would you do well against Philadelphia in the regular season, because you had some pretty good numbers against them?

HIROKI KURODA: Regular season and postseason is a totally different thing. Just because I did well in the regular season doesn't mean it's going to be the same during the postseason. But I like to focus and concentrate during this series and pitch well.

How much did the Dodgers history with Japanese pitchers going back to Nomo have a role in you wanting to come here? How much did the Dodgers history with Japanese pitchers have a role in you coming here to Los Angeles?

HIROKI KURODA: It's really hard to comment on the Dodgers history with the Japanese pitchers. Right now what I have in my mind right now is to pitch my best game tomorrow. So I'd like to hold off on that comment right now.

The Phillies have won all their home games and Dodgers have won their home games so far. How much influence does the home stadium have over the game, and what's your analysis on that?

HIROKI KURODA: The Phillies have great hitters and great home run hitters, and Phillies' stadium, it's a lot smaller than Dodger Stadium. So I think they had an advantage over the stadium size but here I think it's a little bit more difficult to hit home runs on Dodger Stadium, but that doesn't mean that they're not going to hit.

So I'd like to be aware that there's some great home run hitters, but I think Phillies have more advantage with their small field.

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