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10/12/08 2:12 AM ET

Joe Maddon postgame interview

Manager says Kazmir will remain in the rotation

Just another night here at the Trop, huh?

JOE MADDON: How about it! We've been in those kind of games often this year. You guys that have been around us know that. To win a game like that under these circumstances after yesterday is very special for this group and for the organization.

Obviously puts it in much better shape going into Fenway Park. So there's so many guys that did such a wonderful job tonight, but how about Dan Wheeler. What he did tonight is truly spectacular. And then, of course, Pricey warming up a couple times and actually getting a win. I'm proud of all of them.

Glass half full: You win tonight, now it's a series, three out of five. Glass half empty: Scott Kazmir, month of September, gave up four home runs to the Red Sox, four home runs to Detroit, three home runs tonight. Will you reconsider maybe take taking him out of the rotation in this series?

JOE MADDON: Not at all. That's not a consideration.

You have to understand, and I'll keep saying it because I believe it, at any moment he's going to find his groove. And this young man is a big part of our future. As he continues down the road you're going so see this guy pitch very, very well.

So for now, he's going to be pitching in Boston, and I really believe in him, and I know it's going to turn out well.

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B.J. Upton has had a lot of big RBIs, a lot of big hits in this postseason. Is this perhaps maybe his coming out party do you think?

JOE MADDON: Yeah, I mean, B.J., it's just a matter of time. He just needs the appropriate stage and a little more salt and pepper. This young man is a wonderful athlete that's turning into a very good baseball player.

Timlin was really bearing down on him, just to move the ball like he did was huge. He's showing you the power, he's showing you the defense, he's showing you his because running skills. He is a complete baseball player in the making.

I really would like to see him continue to advance in all aspects of the game, and he understands that. But skillfully, one of the best out there.

How fast is Fernando Perez?

JOE MADDON: Like I said, in a straight up race,I've got him over Seabiscuit (laughter). I'm dating myself a bit. I'm sorry, but that's the first horse that came to my mind.

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