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10/13/08 12:07 AM ET

A postgame interview with Blake DeWitt

Dodger talks about helping his team get an early lead in Game 3

Joe Torre talked about sort of a spark in the offense getting it going and the momentum going. You seemed to be kind of that spark tonight. Can you talk about the triple?

BLAKE DEWITT: It was an at-bat. I fell down 2-0 pretty quick. I guess it went 2-2. It's one of those at-bats you can't strike out. You gotta put the ball in play and lucky it got in there.

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Joe said a few minutes ago that he thought there's no bad blood between these two clubs, that it was mainly the passion of the postseason. Now out on the field Russell [Martin] said he thought the blood was getting a little bit bad. What's your take on the whole situation?

BLAKE DEWITT: It's two competitive teams going at it. Both teams are fighting to get into a World Series. Emotions are about as high as you can get. And it's just what happens in this game sometimes.

Do you think everything will settle down by tomorrow night's game and do you think the warning from the umps was just enough?

BLAKE DEWITT: Yeah, it's done with. You've got to concentrate on winning. We can't worry about extra stuff. It's hard enough just playing the game.

For a fellow who may not have figured into the team plans before the year began, how much fun is this?

BLAKE DEWITT: It's unbelievable. I think making it to a National League Championship Series and hopefully further, I think it's fun for anybody. If you've had one year, 10 years, doesn't matter. That's why you put in all the work to get yourself into situations like this.

So I had a blast.

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