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10/14/08 1:28 AM ET

Charlie Manuel postgame interview

Phillies manager speaks about eventful eighth inning

You've spoken freely about how your club is a resilient group. Tonight would be a great example of that, wouldn't it?

CHARLIE MANUEL: Yeah, I think so. Actually, for the last two years, I feel like if we stay after you, and that's one of our biggest things, we don't quit and we keep coming and we play all 27 outs. And, I mean, that's kind of how it is.

Before the game, you said that let the Louisvilles do the talking, is that kind of what Shane [Victorino] did?

CHARLIE MANUEL: Shane hit a breaking ball and he hit it real well. At first I didn't know if it was going to go out or not, but once it cleared that gate out there, it was a tremendous, big hit.

Can you talk about your field for moving [Jayson] Werth and Victorino around the lineup, seems like every time you make a switch there something positive happens?

CHARLIE MANUEL: I look for balance in the lineup. I match up lots of times with who is pitching, and like which guy I think can handle situations. And if you look, Victorino, I think he had nine RBIs in the postseason going in the postseason this year.

And I kind of, I like a switch hitter down there behind [Pat] Burrell. It gives us a balance, especially when I'm going to hit [Greg] Dobbs behind him. To me, it gives us offense down toward the bottom of the lineup. And also Victorino, he can run; if he gets on base, also he can steal bases. We can still use his speed.

Shane is such an emotional player, and he relies so much -- you said he brings energy to games. Does he surprise you how well he channels that energy in big games such as this, because he seems to play his best and everything else going on that happens with the playoffs?

CHARLIE MANUEL: Seems like he plays his best. Also, I look at him, he's a very talented guy. And when he's doing good or doing something in the game, he looks good. He's an energy player.

And his power definitely, I mean, you can take him for granted with his power. Fools guys at times. He's definitely capable of hitting a ball a long ways.

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Obviously saved [Matt] Stairs for the eighth inning, used [Geoff] Jenkins earlier, can you talk about his at-bat and what he brought to the bench when you brought him aboard late August?

CHARLIE MANUEL: Very professional at-bat. And what happened was, he worked the count good. Got up in the count. The count was 3-1, and he got a fastball, and he caught it out front.

That's the whole secret of hitting home runs, is to get up in the count, good ball to hit and catch the ball out front. And he was able to catch up with [Jonathan] Broxton, which is that's quite a feat, really, because he throws 100 miles an hour. And he caught the ball out front and it went a long ways.

You've been reluctant to use [Brad] Lidge in four out save situations this year. As a matter of fact, you haven't used him in a four-out situation until tonight. Why tonight, and were you getting a problem getting ahold of the bullpen, because I saw you waving your hat?

CHARLIE MANUEL: If you noticed tonight I did use Lidge before in a game against the Mets, but it wasn't a save situation in the eighth inning. Tonight I did it because how we set up and who we had left in the bullpen. And I wanted to make sure that we held the lead. And, you know what, I guess it's like the old saying goes: You gotta try it just to see if it will work.

And it was a tremendous -- actually, for me, he was the guy that was supposed to be out there. That's how I felt.

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Obviously the win is big, but does it gain any more significance because of the fact you finally won a game here, a place where you had a lot of trouble winning this year?

CHARLIE MANUEL: This is the first game we've won here. And we've been talking all year how big games are. This was the biggest game we've won so far. But the next one is even bigger. That's kind of how we look at it.

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