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10/16/08 12:42 AM ET

Torre postgame clubhouse interview

Manager is proud that team never stopped playing hard

You just addressed your team. What did you tell them?

JOE TORRE: I basically told them that I was proud to be their manager. This has been an up and down year. I think they learned a lot. I think they learned to come together. Yeah, we made some additions, Manny (Ramirez) and Casey Blake and Greg Maddux.

But these kids didn't know what inning it was, they didn't know what score it was. They just kept fighting until someone told them it was over.

This game tonight, it got a little ugly in the middle with the defense, but they never stopped plugging away. And that's John Wooden taught me a long time ago, that it's not always the club that wins that you're proudest of.

And I certainly was satisfied with what I saw here.

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You guys looked so good sweeping the Cubs. What happened in this series?

JOE TORRE: Well, you know, they live by the homer; they die by the homer, and they got us this time. That was huge. The other night, opening day, the first game, I mean, when it just looked like Derek Lowe was just having no problem at all, all of a sudden a two- run homer and another home run in a matter of 10 minutes and they're ahead 3-2, and that was the final score.

They pitched real well out of the bullpen. We kept coming out -- we sort of kept skidding. We just kept spinning our wheels. We couldn't get to where we needed to go.

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