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10/16/08 12:46 AM ET

Manuel postgame clubhouse interview

Manager thanks players, entire organization for efforts

CHARLIE MANUEL: Definitely worth it. Before I get started, Dave Montgomery, I heard him -- he congratulated everybody in our organization. I definitely don't want to miss anybody.

But our development, our scouts, our major scouting department, everybody in the organization contributed to it. It's all part of it.

Most of all, I always give the players the credit. They're the ones that do the playing. They're the ones that execute.

When they celebrate, it's all for them. They're the ones that made it happen. And also this is for the city of Philadelphia, and you know we've got one more step. This is the third step. We've got one more big step and then we're going to take a grand parade.

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When America tunes in for the World Series, what should they know about this Philly team they haven't known previously?

CHARLIE MANUEL: We're very resilient. We stick together. We play hard and play 27 outs and we have a chance in the game.

You're a pleasure to be around. So best of luck in the next series. You're heading back to the plane. My thoughts are with you and your family.

CHARLIE MANUEL: Thank you. I guarantee you my mom's watching right now.

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