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10/17/08 12:42 AM ET

A postgame interview with J.D. Drew

Red Sox outfielder talks about his two big hits in Game 5 win

Can you go over those last two at bats, please?

J.D. DREW: Yeah. We were in a situation where we needed some runs in a big way, and Papi was able to get a huge home run and give us some run support there.

Just in a situation where we're trying to get a ball in the zone, trying to get a rhythm going, missing six weeks of the season, I've found myself in a little bit of a bad rhythm, but trying to work through it.

Felt like I had some good at bats, was able to get a ball in the middle of the plate and put a nice swing on it. And then the same thing kind of happened in that last at bat.

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When you guys were in this situation last year and it didn't look good in Cleveland, you're facing one of the best pitchers in the league, down 3 to 1, and when you're able to come back from that kind of deficit, were you guys able to draw on that again this year or not?

J.D. DREW: It's a little different. You know, it was critical. Everybody knew that we needed to win the ballgame. It doesn't matter how you do it. We didn't want to go down 7 0, but there's a lot of fight in that dugout, and a lot of guys knew as soon as we got some runs on the board, we could get something going, and we were able to do that with Pedey's hit and then Papi got that home run and that got things kind of steam rolling and we were able to win the game.

What did you see on that last hit?

J.D. DREW: I knew I hit it really well. I got a ball in the middle of the plate, just tried to square it up, similar to what happened in Anaheim when Coco was on second, just trying to get a ball to hit it in the hole somewhere.

And I hit it really well, I thought well enough to get it over his head, but so deep in right field here, didn't know if he would catch it or not.

Do you think the Red Sox now have an advantage? Do you think the Red Sox are still behind the 8 ball?

J.D. DREW: You know, I don't think anybody thinks of it as an advantage or disadvantage. It's just we've got to go out there and win ballgames. It takes a certain amount of ballgames to get past this level, to win, and then in the World Series, as well. We'll take it a game at a time, try to rack up some wins and see how it goes.

You said in Anaheim that you thought at one point that you wouldn't be playing in these playoffs. Is that still kind of amazing to you, what you've been able to do and what's happened to you?

J.D. DREW: Well, you know, I feel fortunate to be in the playoffs and be able to participate. You know, my at bats haven't always gone as I planned and as well as I've liked, but I'm battling through them and just trying to get good pitches to hit.

I know you guys think you're in it all the way. Fourth inning, though, fifth inning, what's that dugout like?

J.D. DREW: You know, for me, the dugout doesn't play a big role. I know there's guys that are in the dugout throughout the ballgame. I'm in and out of the dugout, whether it's playing defense or hitting or downstairs watching video, things like that.

You know, I think there's a sense of, hey, we've got our backs against the wall, this is looking pretty bleak. But we knew if we got something rolling, let's see what happens.

Pedey gets that run driven in and Papi hit that huge home run and kind of woke things up a little bit. You could feel it in the ballpark, as well. That was instrumental, him hitting that home run right there, and then me being able to hit that home run and Coco getting that huge hit to tie the ballgame. We realized we had the advantage at that point.

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