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10/17/08 4:10 PM ET

An interview with Josh Beckett

Red Sox Game 6 starter talks about excitement of Game 5 win

Following last night's game, your teammates really made it a point to say how much confidence they have in you in Game 6. What does that mean to you going forward?

JOSH BECKETT: That's awesome. I mean, that's the biggest compliment I think you can get. I think that's something that we all strive for is for your teammates to believe in you. I don't think it really matters what anybody else thinks, but if your teammates believe in you and have respect for you, then that's what you're striving for.

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You've been in this kind of do or die situation probably a lot more than some other starting pitchers out there. I mean, how much can that help you leading into tomorrow night?

JOSH BECKETT: Well, I think it helps that I kind of know what I have to do. It's really no different than any other start. I don't generally try to do too much in these games. Like I say, you've got to go out there and just take it pitch to pitch and worry about execution and get some outs.

How much do you take away from the last game in terms of anything you learned, anything you can just take away from it?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't think you take too many positives away from it, obviously, with the outcome being what it is. I don't know, I think you have a lot of examples of adjustments that you need to make. I think that that's what you take from it.

After what you saw last night, and you get the ball tomorrow, what makes this team so special to have the ability to do it time and time again to come back with your backs against the wall?

JOSH BECKETT: Well, we haven't done anything yet. I mean, last night was really, really special, one way or the other. But the big picture is still out there. We're trying to do something better than what we did last night.

Obviously for one day, that's about as good as it can get. But as far as an eight month season, the only thing that would make us happy right now is for us to win our last game.

At the end of last night's game, you personally, how did you feel knowing your team had just earned you the right to extend this series?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know, I wasn't too wrapped up in that. It was just so exciting to be in that dugout and be a part of that. I really wasn't too focused on that. Obviously I wanted to get back out there and extend this thing, and obviously our big thing is happy flight, and the only way we were going to make that flight last night was for it to be a happy one. That's the only way that we're going to have a happy flight for the rest of this series.

Because of the oblique, have you had to adjust the way you approach pitching at all or make any changes or do anything differently?


Same guy, approaching things the same way?


This team was able to draw on what they did against the Yankees and Cleveland. How much are you able to draw on what you've done in past postseasons?

JOSH BECKETT: I don't know. I don't really focus on the last postseason or 2003. I'm just out there trying to win games. Like I said earlier, it comes down to executing pitches and not making mistakes because during this time of year, everybody is locked in.

There's not an easy game out there. Everybody is locked in this time of year, otherwise they wouldn't be here. So it comes down to really simplifying it.

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