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10/20/08 11:19 AM ET

World Series can be at your fingertips

MLB.com package gives fans access to Fall Classic and more

The Phillies and Rays will open the 104th World Series on Wednesday at Tropicana Field, and subscriptions are now under way for the 2008 World Series Package so domestic and international fans can enjoy it to the fullest.

This exclusive service from Major League Baseball Advanced Media was announced on Monday and is only $4.95 for fans in the U.S. and $9.95 everywhere else. It is kind of like those Rayhawk haircuts, or Matt Garza's command or Cole Hamels' slider or the white rally towels in Philadelphia -- all part of the big event. Watch an improbable Fall Classic unfold live on FOX and enhance the experience.

Complete Coverage

The World Series Package is a way to follow all the action live and has other benefits including holiday-shopping help. For international fans, it includes the live MLB.TV broadcasts of each game. Here is what it includes for everyone:

• Every live MLB.com Gameday Audio broadcast through the World Series clincher. These are the home and away radio feeds you have known and loved for much of this decade, and just the chance to hear Hall of Fame voice Harry Kalas of the Phillies' broadcasting crew is a big reason. It's a great perspective to add to your repertoire; watch on TV and listen over your computer.

• All signs point to a November and December of serious bargain-hunting by holiday shoppers in this economy. The 2008 World Series Package lets you get a jump start. It comes with a 15-percent discount on your next MLB.com Shop purchase, and you just have to use it by the middle of November.

• DVR any World Series game. How do you do that with a computer? Easy. Each Phillies-Rays game will be in the MLB.TV archives approximately 45 minutes after the last pitch. This subscription gives you that on-demand access, so then just watch any of those games at your own convenience, the way so many people do with their favorite TV programs like "Dancing With the Stars" or "Grey's Anatomy."

• Review the 2008 regular season with that same on-demand access. Just use the Clickable Linescores for each game, and go straight to any half-inning you like. Want to relive a no-hitter by Carlos Zambrano or Jon Lester? Francisco Rodriguez recording his record 58th save? Boston's comeback from 7-0 in Game 5 of the ALCS? You have the control with this subscription to take another look at anything this year.

• An option to receive mobile playoff and offseason alerts delivered to your mobile phone. That's from now through next April 3, and it includes: Lead changes from the seventh inning on, final scores, breaking news and home runs; breaking news at the Winter Meetings and Hot Stove action; special commercial offers delivered directly to your mobile phone.

It's time for the World Series, and the Rays will have home-field advantage because the American League won the All-Star Game in July at Yankee Stadium. You can have an advantage over everyone else in this World Series, too.

It's a chance to immerse yourself completely in baseball before the games are over for the year; it's a chance to help yourself with holiday shopping; it's that familiar radio broadcast you still know and love; it's getting the most out of your mobile device and watching any moment of the whole 2008 season that your heart desires.

"It's beautiful, man, it's so beautiful."

Rays manager Joe Maddon was actually talking about Rocco Baldelli's big hit in Game 7 of the AL Championship Series when he said that.

He might as well have been talking about the 2008 World Series Package. Because it is.

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.