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10/26/08 2:42 AM ET

A postgame interview with umpire Tom Hallion

First base umpire meets the media and discusses disputed call

If you can explain what you saw on the play, the play on first?

TOM HALLION: Sure. The ball down the first base line, and I came around, close, bang bang play, and I tried to get the best angle on it. And it wound up being a great play by Jamie and Howard. And again, I really didn't get a sound to be able to judge. It winds up being a great play. And looking at a replay here, they just got him.

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So kudos for them, because they made a great play.

When he flipped it

TOM HALLION: A couple of things there: He caught it bare handed and with the noise in this environment, so it makes it very difficult. But again they made a great play. And I certainly wish it would have gone the other way, but it was a bang bang play, and I did my best to get it right and that's what I went with.

I assume it makes you feel better that in the end it didn't impact the outcome of the game, probably?

TOM HALLION: I guess. As an umpire you never want to be involved in the outcome of the game, any umpire that you have.

So, yeah, I would just say that we don't like being involved in something like that. We like to get every play right. We're human beings and sometimes we get them wrong.

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