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10/27/08 1:00 AM ET

An interview with Tim Welke and Mike Port

Could you explain what you saw on the play at third base after Andy Sonnanstine fielded Ryan Howard's ground ball in the first inning?

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TIM WELKE: I saw the pitcher was coming to third base. So I went back into foul territory and saw (Sonnanstine) flip the ball. I saw (Evan) Longoria coming in and he was going for (Jimmy) Rollins' back on the tag. I just saw him (Longoria) swing and miss. I never saw a tag. Joe Maddon came out and I said, 'Joe, I never saw a tag.' And Joe was good about it and left. That's a swipe tag. A lot of times, on a swipe tag, the glove will pause. I saw him to try to make a swipe tag but I never saw the glove pause.

What did Joe Maddon say to Tom Hallion, regarding Joe Blanton's hat?

MIKE PORT: I didn't hear the conversation directly, but I talked to some of our people who heard the actual audio on that. Joe [Maddon] was just, as I understand it, asking Tom [Hallion] to keep an eye on things. They had noted something on the top of Blanton's cap and just asked Tom Hallion to keep an eye on how Blanton went about things and to keep an eye on the baseballs, also. Hallion said that he would check the baseballs, and if there was any reason for further investigation, that he'd stay on top of it and take things from there, and Maddon was fine with that."

So Hallion determined that it was, thereafter, a non-issue?

MIKE PORT: Apparently so. It was just a request on the part of Maddon to keep an eye on the situation. And Tom said he would. He scrutinized the baseballs. But never had any cause to take it beyond that.

He didn't see any substance on the baseballs?

MIKE PORT: No. He never had any cause to go beyond just checking them.

Do you know what was on Blanton's cap?

MIKE PORT: I don't know, specifically. Watching Blanton, he was going to his cap. I don't think, in my estimation, as a spectator, I don't feel there was anything untoward because I noticed almost a nervous habit -- he was going to his cap all the time. I can only guess it was normal smudging. But, suffice it to say that even after Joe Maddon talking with Tom Hallion about keeping an eye on the situation, Tom didn't detect anything as far as action on the baseball or any substance on the baseball.

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