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10/29/08 10:03 PM EST

Phils fans can celebrate with fresh gear

MLB.com Shop has all the official world champions merchandise

Phillies fans have waited a long time to wear what they were wearing.

It is the 2008 World Series Champions Authentic Collection T-shirt, the same one Cole Hamels slipped over his head on Wednesday night.

It is the 2008 World Series Champions Authentic Cap, the same one Shane Victorino was wearing when they poured champagne over it in the clubhouse.

It is the 2008 World Series Champions Authentic Collection Hooded Sweatshirt, the same one many Phillies donned outside on a night that Mother Nature could not mess up.

The Phillies just won the second world championship of their long Major League existence, beating the Rays in five at Citizens Bank Park. The team's only other title was in 1980, and there was no standard celebration attire by the players nor an Internet to buy it.

Now there is, in this golden age of baseball. And it's all here, ready to ship fast.

As a tech-savvy fan, you can commemorate a World Series championship in ways no one dreamed about in 1980. The MLB.com Shop immediately launched the official World Series Champions area, loaded with bountiful merchandise that is going to make for great holiday shopping and apparel that will make Phillies fans proud wherever they go.

It's someone new each year, spreading the excitement around. Here are some of the ways you can celebrate the historic conclusion of the 104th Fall Classic:

2008 World Series Champions Active Backpack: Memo to every student and the parent of every student: If you love the Phillies, this has immediately become the must-have item at every school. It says "World Series Champions," embroidered in stitching on the back. Very stylish, very now, very gotta-have-it.

Highland Mint 2008 World Series Champions 24-karat Gold Coin. It is triple-struck with the championship commemoration on one side and the 2008 World Series logo on the other. It is a limited edition of 10,000.

2008 World Series Champions Women's Authentic Collection T-shirt: How different is this from 1980? Women make up close to half of the typical Major League Baseball crowd. There is more and more fashion just for them now, and it's included here with a feminine-cut shirt that is machine washable. Are you used to seeing "Phillies" and "World Series Champions" together yet?

2008 World Series Therma Base Premier Jacket: This is what many fans were wearing around Citizens Bank Park this past week. It is the official jacket of this Fall Classic, and it will keep you warm through a Philadelphia offseason. That's right: Offseason. That's a long time for Phillies fans to brag. They waited long enough for someone in their city to win a major sports championship.

Phillies Wool/Leather Commemorative Varsity Jacket: Speaking of outerwear, this is an item that will make its buyer a hot topic of conversation. It has big "WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS" stitching on the back with the team logo, and there is no mistaking the message by the wearer.

Authentic Therma Base Tech Fleece: From Majestic Athletic, it features the official World Series logo patch on the left sleeve. Another perfect holiday gift idea. Might as well get that shopping out of the way early, because for many fans, these are the kinds of holiday gifts that will be on lots of lists.

There's a special coffee mug coming to a Phillie fan's office soon.

All that official World Series merchandise. It's just waiting for you. So is a bat that Ryan Howard signed, or maybe you would prefer a Louisville Slugger hand-signed by members of the 1980 world champions.

They were the first Phillies team to win it all. The 2008 bunch just became the second. And this time, there is a way to share the glory with them and a way to conveniently commemorate it and soak up the moment so it lasts and lasts.

The Phillies: World Series Champions. Believe it.

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