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02/17/09 11:48 AM EST

Hampton cleared to rejoin Astros camp

Echocardiogram shows no irregular heartbeat for veteran lefty

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Mike Hampton was given a clean bill of health and clearance to return to Spring Training after undergoing an echocardiogram Monday night in Houston.

The test, in which ultrasound is used to examine the heart, did not elicit an irregular heartbeat, general manager Ed Wade told reporters Tuesday morning.

"His rhythm had returned to a regular rhythm," Wade said, adding that Hampton did some regular treadmill work without incident. "

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"The procedure we talked about yesterday [to correct his heartbeat with the application of electrical current] is unnecessary and he's not going to be put on any medication," Wade added. "He'll be on a flight back here this afternoon and back in the workouts [Wednesday]."

Hampton flew to Houston on Monday after his electrocardiogram [EKG] test showed a "glitch" during a routine physical. He was examined by Kissimmee-based physician Dr. Michael Link, who recommended Hampton undergo further examination.

Wade was told by doctors that a number of notable Houstonians have had the same type of heart issue, with no lasting effects.

"Former President [George] Bush [Sr.] and Mrs. [Barbara] Bush and [former Rockets player] Hakeem Olajuwon all experienced the same type of thing where they had irregular rhythm," Wade said. "It self-corrected. It could recur, but they're comfortable that it's not going to be an issue for them."

Hampton was believed to have been en route to Kissimmee Tuesday afternoon.

"It's unfortunate that Mike even had it raised as a potential issue," Wade said. "He's gone through so many things health-wise over the last couple of years. It's like, 'Oh, one more thing' kind of deal. It's good news he didn't have to have anything done and that he's going to be fully engaged probably [Wednesday]."

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