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06/08/09 3:21 PM ET

Draft chat wrap: June 8

MLB.com's Draft expert Jonathan Mayo answers fans' questions

MLB.com Draft expert Jonathan Mayo participated in a live Web chat Monday. He discussed his first-round projections, pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg and which young players might become the future of your favorite team.

Jonathan Mayo: I'm at the beautiful MLB Network Studios and there's a lot to do here to get ready, so let's squeeze in as many as questions as possible.

yankz82892: Are there any Rick Porcellos that can possibly slide to the yanks or sox due to signability issues?

Mayo: Sure there are. Matt Purke, the high school lefty from Texas, could slide that far, or perhaps Jacob Turner. And there's always Donavan Tate, if he doesn't go third.

bengals7: Will Tyler Matzek last to the Reds?

Mayo: I think there's a chance, but right now I've got him going above to the San Francisco Giants. The Braves could take him as well.

ryls4life: Who do you see the Kansas City Royals selecting in the draft? How long until we see him in the bigs?

Mayo: My latest mock draft (shameless plug) has the Royals taking Wil Myers at 12. They'd love for a college arm to get to them -- Alex White, Mike Leake or Mike Minor would be possibilities -- but if they're gone, a bat like Tony Sanchez is possible. Myers had been really impressive in workouts.

ryls4life: Should Strasburg be taken #1 overall? If so, should he bypass the minors?

Mayo: Hmm, that's a tough one, still up in the air. But I'll go with yes. If it were me, personally, I would not send him straight to the big leagues. But that's just me.

1982brwrs: Who do you believe the Brewers will draft?

Mayo: Last I heard, they were leaning arm. That's certainly not set in stone, but it could be a high school arm like Garrett Gould.

ksls: Does a players' preformance in the NCAA tournament have a huge impact on his draft status?

Mayo: It certainly doesn't hurt. In all honesty, teams have volumes of information about players playing at that level, but that last impression can be a good one. Stepping up and performing well, in a pressure situation, with a big crowd, right before the Draft can certainly bump a guy up a few spots. Could happen with Alex White this year.

honkbal1: Could you make a top 5 of catchers in the Draft?

Mayo: Sure, lets go with Tony Sanchez, Wil Myers, Max Stassi, Cameron Garfield and Steven Baron. There's a bunch of good high school catchers in this class.

ChipaJ10fosho: The Atlanta Braves are usually a team that selects pitching prospects. Any chances for a change this year?

Mayo: Doesn't seem likely. It's looking pitching for them this year in the first round. But they did take Jason Heyward not long ago in the first round, don't forget about that.

jayzball: Hi John, most of the Canadian attention seems to be on James Paxton this year. What are your thoughts on the 2nd highest ranked Canadian, Jake Eliopoulos? Top 3 round talent?

Mayo: He's a hoser, eh? In all seriousness, I think Eliopoulos (not easy to type, kudos to you) will go in those top three rounds. There's been a ton of Canadian talent recently, high end guys, with Brett Lawrie last year and Phillippe Aumont the year before, but there isn't the high-end guy like that this year.

ryanig: What makes Eric Arnett from Indiana so good?

Mayo: Well, he's big and strong. He can run his fastball up to the mid-90s, with some good sink, an excellent slider as well. He's still got some upside to him.

olBengalsFan: Greetings! I noticed that Max Stassi has dropped off of the top 32. Is it signability, health or something else that is hurting him?

Mayo: He could still go in the first, but the word I was hearing was there was a pretty big price tag in terms of wanting top of first round type money. The Red Sox could still take him at the end of the round. If he slides far, past the supplemental round, you'll know he's priced himself out.

clevland: Which first year draft player do you see playing for his respective team first?

Mayo: The easy choice would be to go with Strasburg, but I'll go with the reliever, Drew Storen, who could be in a big league bullpen this summer.

guyclark: How far do you think Gibson falls?

Mayo: That's one of the bigger questions in the Draft now that it's known he's got a stress fracture. He could easily slide out of the first round because of the injury. A team could take him and hope to get a discount.

raysfannn: Hey there Mr. Mayo, I just want to know who you think the Rays will take in this Draft, or what you think is their biggest need in the Draft?

Mayo: It's so hard to know what will happen at No. 30. But I can guarantee the Rays love picking that late. It's not necessarily a need they'll draft for, but catching is a possibility, maybe a middle infielder. I've got catcher Tommy Joseph going there in my latest projection, I've heard Jio Mier, the HS SS going there as well.

21cbfan: What are the chances of Bobby Borchering getting drafted by the Pirates? Also what are the chances of him falling to the suplimental round?

Mayo: I think it's unlikely he'll go at 4, but I don't see him sliding out of the first round. There are many teams, from the Diamondbacks on down, who are known to have interest in his bat.

putz123: What pick do you think Chad Jenkins will go?

Mayo: He still could go as high as 10. If the Nats don't take him, he's probably a 15-25 kind of pick.

BB-King: Hi, how early do you think Aaron Crow will be drafted?

Mayo: As high as No. 2, if the Mariners decide they don't want to take Ackley. He's still in the mix pretty much everywhere in the top 10 and I can't see him sliding very far at all.

eighthwonder: Who are the best power-hitting prospects in this year's Draft?

Mayo: Bobby Borchering, Matt Davidson have good power potential from the high school ranks. Rich Poythress gets the most love in that sense from the college guys.

gerling: Who's got the bigger upside at #9 for the Tigers, Turner or Purke?

Mayo: I think you could flip a coin on that one. Both have a ton of upside as high ceiling high school guys, one righty, one lefty. I think Purke is a little more advanced in terms of his pitchability; Turner throws a little harder.

cmcgarvey: Who do you see the Orioles taking with the 5th pick?

Mayo: All signs point to Georgia high school right-hander Zach Wheeler. Of course, if Ackley starts falling, that could shake things up.

hyperion99: What college bat will have the quickest impact in the Majors?

Mayo: It's got to be Ackley. He's very advanced with great bat control. Some people are unsure about the power, but he'll have enough and he's going to flat-out hit as a pro.

1bravehawk: Jonathon, if given the choice, would you take Alex White or Zack Wheeler at no. 7 with the Braves?

Mayo: I'd probably go Wheeler if given a choice and the Braves likely would as well. But it looks like Wheeler will be gone when they pick.

TonyKornheiser: I was looking at the Draft tracker and curious if all the names on there means those are the kids getting drafted. If a player is not on there are they going to be drafted? How do you guys get that list?

Mayo: Players in the tracker now are guys who have had reports turned in by the Major League Scouting Bureau. Now, there are players who have been turned in by individual organizations who won't show up now. They will show up when and if they are drafted.

tyfighter: Any chance Ackely falls due to signability? If so how far?

Mayo: I think there's a chance, though it's looking like the M's are going to take him. I can't see him sliding out of the top 10, even with the signability concerns.

sablo04: Even though it looks like Shelby Miller will be their for the Rangers to take at 14, if he's gone, where do you see them leaning? Any college guys that could make a quick rise and be in the bullpen by years end or opening day 2010?

Mayo: I'll give you two names for you that might fit that. One is Drew Storen, the Stanford closer. The second would be Rex Brothers, who was a starter in college, but most see him as a hard-throwing lefty reliever.

parentoplayer: My son was told he was a draft watch and this whole ordeal has been overwhelming. Wondering how we know if is picked and how we know if he is not?

Mayo: Just watch and/or listen to the draft on MLB.com. When his name is called, you'll know! Good luck!

rtm3000: What current or past MLB player would you compare Jared Mitchell to, ceiling-wise?

Mayo: Hmm, very athletic, hope he'll hit for power eventually with speed. How about Garret Anderson with more speed?

gap2gap: Why has Jonathan Singleton 1B from Cal. been dropping off the charts?

Mayo: People love his raw power, but he swings and misses. A lot. I think three years in college wouldn't hurt.

mikejackso: When do you think someone will take a chance and draft Kyle Heckathorn?

Mayo: It's funny how his name hasn't been mentioned lately. Chad Jenkins has been getting all the Kenesaw State love. I haven't heard his name in the first round, but he could sneak into the back end of it. More likely is a team in the supplemental round.

Mayo: Hey guys, I've got about five minutes left. I'll try to get to as many as possible before we're done.

ksls: Who has Billy Beane tabbed as his "moneyball" players in this years Draft?

Mayo: Don't be so sure on that one. Look at the A's drafts the last couple of years. They haven't been college-only of late, so I don't think it's a guarantee they'll go college.

brackman25: Do you think David Renfroe or Slade Heathcott can be had in the 2nd or supp round? How far does Kyle Gibson fall now?

Mayo: I think both could very well be there in the supplemental round (Renfroe and Heathcott, I mean). Once you get to there, there's a chance they might get to the second round, sure.

yankz82892: Is Donovan Tate really falling out of the first round?

Mayo: I think watching what happens with Tate will be the most interesting wild card to watch in the Draft. Right now, it's still looking like he goes No. 3, but if the Padres don't take him, it's hard to pinpoint where he goes. He could slide out of the first round if the pricetag ends up being too high.

Mayo: OK, guys, that's all the time I've got. I'll have one last mock draft tomorrow morning and will be on Twitter all day with updates. Thanks everyone!

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