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07/11/09 3:40 AM ET

Slick Posada sheds Figgins, then glove

Seventh-inning popout comes after two players get tangled

ANAHEIM -- Who needs a catcher's mitt to put away a routine popup? Not Jorge Posada, apparently.

The veteran Yankees backstop made a rather unorthodox putout on Friday, snagging a ball hit by the Angels' Chone Figgins without the advantage of a glove on his left hand.

"As soon as the glove is gone, you just try to catch it," Posada said.

The play occurred in the bottom of the seventh inning at Angel Stadium, in what would play out as a 10-6 Yankees loss.

Figgins sent a high foul into the air behind home plate, and Posada tried to get into position but became entangled with Figgins and lost his glove while trying to get free.

Under the ball, Posada made the grab in old-time baseball style, snagging the final out of the inning while wearing just a batting glove. The inning ended, but Posada spent time after the play asking home-plate umpire C.B. Bucknor why interference had not been called.

"There was no call by the umpire -- that's what bugged me the most," Posada said. "He didn't make a call at all. As soon as [Figgins] makes contact with me, it's obstruction. The ball is right on top of me."

Rule 6.06(c) states that the batter is out for illegal action when: "He interferes with the catcher's fielding or throwing by stepping out of the batter's box or making any other movement that hinders the catcher's play at home base."

"I think it is interference, but it didn't change the results of the play," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "I think if he drops it, they probably call it interference. But since he catches it, he's still out."

Interestingly, the inning had earlier featured a play in which Posada's long-time teammate, shortstop Derek Jeter, could not corral a Mike Napoli popup into shallow left-center field. Jeter had a glove at his full disposal on that play, which helped lead to three Angels runs.

"It's probably the easiest play to make," Jeter said. "I mean, Jorge caught one with no glove right after that."

The 37-year-old Posada said that it was the first time he had to make a play like that and added that he didn't have Jeter's miscue in mind while making the grab.

"I wasn't showing him up," Posada said.

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