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07/13/09 1:19 PM ET

Homage to the boys of summer

Tribute to Ogden Nash's classic poem, 'Line-Up for Yesterday'

In January 1949, Ogden Nash published his poem, "Line-Up for Yesterday," a celebration of baseball's elite talent to that point. What follows is a new take, featuring the current generation's boys of summer, with a tip of the cap to Mr. Nash.

A is for Albert
The mighty Pujols,
A bat in his hands
Will try pitchers' souls.

B is for Broxton
When L.A. needs
To close it up
Jon's up to speed.

C is for Cain
Workhorse of the stable,
Some said he cain't
He proved he was able.

D is for MVP
Dustin Pedroia
Make just one mistake
And watch him destroy ya.

E is for Evan
The wondrous Longoria;
A swing made in heaven
Shines Rays of euphoria.

F is for Franklin,
The Redbirds win
Cause he pitches with heart
And leads with his chin.

G is for Royally
Stingy Zack Greinke
When he's on the mound
The batsmen get cranky.

H is for Halladay,
Jays prevail
When Doc's on call;
Opponents ail.

I is for Ichiro;
Despite a slight frame
Puts on such a show
That he needs no last name.

J is for Jeter
Who set such a pattern
For winning he now has
More rings than Saturn.

K is for K-Rod
Your chances of winning
Are thinning when he gets the call
In the ninth inning.

L is for Lincecum,
Sinewy Giant,
On whose golden arm
Their pennant's reliant.

M is for Twin Cities'
Catcher Joe Mauer
Setting new bench marks
By hitting for power.

N is for Nathan
Out in the ninth frame
Gives enemies only
An eight-inning game.

O is for O-Dog
Who hunts in L.A.
For singles that he
Loves to taketh away.

P is for Papelbon
In for the save,
And after he's done
He'll dance on your grave.

Q is for Queen-sized
Prince Fielder, the Brewer
Whose drives to the bleachers
Make pitchers feel bluer.

R is for Rivera,
The lanky Yank
Whose presence means
You walk the plank.

S is for Santana
The ace for the Mets;
You face him with hopes
But leave with regrets.

T is for Theodore
Roosevelt Lilly,
The Cubbie who makes
Big hitters look silly.

U is for Utley,
First at second base;
If you seek a standard
It's him you should Chase.

V is for Verlander,
Pride of Motown,
When batters come up
He just mows 'em down.

W is for Wakefield,
Old trickster of eyes;
Will have batters swearing
They've chased butterflies.

X sounds like Z
When you say Teixeira,
The Yankee switch-hitter
From each side a terror.

Y is for Yadier
The St. Louis ace
Eraser of foes
Who wander off base.

Z is for Zimmerman
With many a fan
Who think having him's
A capital plan.

John Dillon is a contributor to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.