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10/10/09 10:15 AM EST

Top tweets: Sapp , Sports Guy sound off

Postseason chatter vibrant as Divisional Series come to an end

Oct. 12

National League

Warren Sapp, NFL Network: @QBKILLA Phillies Move On!! Yes Zirr.

Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show: @mlbpulse An Angels-Dodgers Freeway series would be "first World Series in history where everyone leaves in the second inning to beat the traffic."

David Aldrige, TNT: @davidaldridgetnt I've avoided champagne baths in locker rooms for 20 years..until tonight. Cold. Wet.

Bill Simmons, Sports Guy, ESPN: @sportsguy33 Thatta baby Huston Street! You owed me after destroying my 2007 fantasy team.

Skip Bayless, ESPN: @realskipbayless Like I said before, Ryan Howard is every bit the clutch hitter Pujols is. He just proved it again.

Shaun Phillips, San Diego Chargers: @ShaunPhillips95 Phillies baby let's go next up the dodgers I'm going to try and get up to a game.

Ed Price, FanHouse.com: @ed_price Yadier Molina sued for not showing up for autograph shows. No word if entire team sued for not showing up for NLDS

American League

David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman: @mlbpulse On why Yankee Stadium is too quiet: "You got 50,000 people out there trying to make noise through their swine flu masks."

Larry Miller, Comedian: @level5larry Curly light in domes sucks out joy and makes baseball ugly. Love Minneapolis, but that's it.

Eric Stangel, Head writer, Late Show with David Letterman: @ericstangel As expected, based on game 3 ALDS performance, Yankees have signed Carl Pavano to 4 year $39.95 million contract

Alyssa Milano, Actress: @Alyssa_Milano: Ugh. RT Umpires Become Unwanted Stars 4 #MLB Postseason. Blown ump calls: http://ow.ly/u3cR

Michael Holley, WEEI Boston: @mlbpulse And now Red Sox nation get to relive the Aaron Boone experience -- http://bit.ly/14ZKuJ

Oct. 11

American League

Jay Feely, Kicker, New York Jets: @jayfeely The Yankees win!! Friday night vs the Angels, I'm there. 34 strikeouts in 3 games vs Twins. That'll get it done.

Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer: @daratorresswims So bummed the Red Sox got sweeper...NOT!!

Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live: @sethmeyers21 Congrats, Angels. It was fun being a monkey on your back. Now go beat NY.

Eric Stangel, Head writer/producer, The Late Show with David Letterman: @ericstangel This Pavano kid is pretty good. The Yankees should try to sign this guy

Jerry Crasnick, Writer, ESPN.com: @jcrasnick There are 23-month-old babies in New England who have never experienced the jubilation of a Red Sox championship.

National League

Questlove, The Roots: @questlove come on PHILLIES!

Jay Crawford, ESPN First Take: @jaycrawfordespn if philies advance, we'll have largest market, 2 teams from the 2nd largest and the 4th market in final 4. how do u like your mlb?

A.J. Daulerio, Deadspin: @ajdaulerio I bet Scott Eyre slipped on the mound mucus. This has to be an MLB record for snot rocket close- ups.

Jon Fogg, Washington Times: @jonfogg please, don't bring in lidge please, don't bring in lidge please, don't bring in lidge please, don't bring in lidge

Oct. 10

American League

Kathy Ireland, Supermodel: @kathyireland Angels, U have my heart. LOVE&Night.

Kerry Rhodes, New York Jets: @kerryrhodes Wow the yanks seem to be destined 4 this thing this year! Big hit by TEX!

Bill Simmons, Sports Guy, ESPN.com: @sportsguy33 Chip Caray just successfully called a clutch A-Rod playoff homer. Grab canned goods + water and head down to your basement.

David Wells, MLB on TBS: @mlbontbsboomer chuck meriweather is the mvp of the game

National League

David Gregory, Meet the Press: @davidgregory Savoring the Dodgers win...on to the NLCS!!!!

Bill Simmons, Sports Guy, ESPN.com: @sportsguy33 By the way, how much longer is Brendan Ryan on loan to the Cards from the Village People?

Joel Madden, Good Charlotte: @joelmadden Get to STL and the dodgers are winning. Yahoo!

Will Leitch, New York Magazine: @williamfleitch Feeling a little silly about being excited for Cardinals game tomorrow. I am recovered, I guess. Let's do this.

Oct. 9

American League

Michael Strahan, Actor/NY Giants great: @michaelstrahan A-ROD!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!! YANKEES!

Eliza Dushku, Actress: @elizadushku Where were the Sox tonight

Tracy Morgan, Comedian: @realtracymorgan Going to the Yankee game tonight with Obe one kenobi AKA Lauren Michaels. can't wait

National League

Mark Schlereth, ESPN: @markschlereth My heart goes out to Matt Holliday, one of the great people in all of pro sports.

Jay Crawford, ESPN First Take: @jaycrawfordespn wouldnt want to be matt holliday this am.ouch! boston may angels right where there want them. LAA 0-3 when win 1st game

Oct. 8

American League

Larry Miller, Comedian: @level5larry Anaheim is a really friendly place to see a game. To be honest, I miss the drunken fistfights of my youth.

Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live: @sethmeyers21 Torii just proved there are not two i's in "Hustle"

Ken Davidoff, Newsday: @kendavidoff Joba returning to the bullpen is like Woody Allen doing "Small Time Crooks" - giving the masses what they want....perfect.

Peter King, Sports Illustrated: @si_peterking If you pitch Bobby Abreu like Babe Ruth, you deserve to lose. Four at-bats, four walks.

David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman: @mlbpulse NYY started the playoffs earlier tonight. Boy does that sound like fun: 50,000 people packed together during swine flu epidemic.

National League

Alyssa Milano, Actress: @alyssa milano Going to my parents house where I will be fed yummy food and lie in the fetal position until last out of Dodgers game.

Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers: @blakegriffin anybody goin to tha dodger game tonight?

Jerry Crasnick, ESPN.com: @jcrasnick Look up "hanging slider'' in the dictionary, and they'll show that pitch Duensing threw to Jeter. Two-run homer

Pete Carroll, Head Coach, USC Trojans: @petecarroll best of luck to the #dodgers tonight... great matchup against another all-time classic team... gotta love oct. baseball!

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