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10/09/09 8:59 PM EST

Francona recovers from food poisoning

Red Sox manager's health improved following bad sushi

ANAHEIM -- A day later, Red Sox manager Terry Francona can now admit that he was "violently sick" in the hours leading up to Thursday night's Game 1 of the American League Division Series. The game -- a 5-0 loss to the Angels -- didn't make him feel much better.

That said, Francona was happy to at least be able to eat some form of food in the hours leading up to Game 2.

"Minimal," Francona said. "I had a banana, saltines. That's what I ate last night. I was sick. I was really scuffling."

Francona is almost positive it was a case of food poisoning. While he first thought it was the tacos from a local fast food restaurant that got him, Francona now thinks it was some bad sushi from the clubhouse spread.

"I was trying to tell myself I was OK," Francona said. "I knew I wasn't. I was going downhill fast. I was really sick -- like violently sick. The guys down in the clubhouse could hear it. It was awful. I just had flat-out food poisoning. Everybody's probably had it. Believe me when I tell you, I got rid of it."

When Angels manager Mike Scioscia went out for pregame introductions before Game 1, he went out for the traditional handshake with Francona. It's just that Francona was not there, as he was not able to come out until just minutes before the game started.

"I didn't even go meet with the umpires," Francona said. "[Bench coach Brad Mills] went with [general manager] Theo [Epstein], because I got up to go and I got sick. I just laid here until the last possible minute."

Did Francona get sick during the game?

"A little bit, [but] it got better as the night went," Francona said.

How was he on Friday?

"I feel better, yeah," said Francona. "I don't feel like going jogging, but a little bit [better]."

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