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10/16/09 10:45 AM EST

The picks: Stars make fearless predictions

Actors, musicians clearly inclined toward Yanks-Dodgers Series

Recently, Major League Baseball asked various celebrities to weigh in with their picks for the 2009 World Series.

Here's what they told us:

What they said ...

Alyssa Milano, Actress:
"My prediction is that most likely everyone's predictions will be wrong. And THAT'S the beauty of baseball."

David Cook, Musician:
"I think as long as the Angels' hitting stays as sharp in the postseason as they did during the regular season, none of the other teams' pitching staffs can hold them off. Now if only my beloved Royals could take a page out of that book... Hope springs eternal..."

Brian Baumgartner, Actor, "The Office":
"[The Yankees will] face the Los Angeles Dodgers... The Yankees, off a long series where a record 217 runs were scored, will have to re- re- sign Roger Clemens and add him to their World Series roster to start Game 1. The Dodgers will defeat the Yankees in five games to win their first World Series title in 21 years."

Julianne Moore, Actress:
"In our house baseball is on constantly ... from April to October, Yankees play-by-play is the background noise to our lives. It's always better when they win because my husband and son are happier."

James Van Der Beek, Actor:
"I predict a Dodgers-Yankees World Series... Clayton Kershaw will go from a 'young, unproven talent' to a proven postseason ace, and the Dodgers will win it in Game 7 when Juan Pierre, in a pinch-hit appearance, jacks his first home run of the year into the short porch at Yankee Stadium."

Bryan Cranston, Actor:
"I need my Dodgers to win our first series in 21 years. For special consideration, I've offered to donate a kidney to the Major League Umpires Foundation."

Christian Slater, Actor:
"Dodgers will win since they have the manager that helped the Yankees. The Yankees spent a ton of money but lost the maestro."

Steven Lang, Actor/Director:
"Because the Yanks got good pitching and good hitting and, as the Old Professor said, good pitching will beat good hitting every time and vice versa."

Joel Madden, Lead Singer, "Good Charlotte":
"Being from Maryland, the O's have always been my true love. One day I will have season tickets at Camden Yards. Anyways, later on in life I moved to L.A. which has been sweet as I can now follow my second team: the Dodgers. And with the Dodgers having a strong team, it provides me with some much needed relief from the heartbreak the O's have been giving me the past few years to say 'Dodgers all the way!' But secretly my voice of reason is saying Angels might take it all."

Chris Noth, Actor:
"If anyone can beat the Yankees, it would be Joe Torre's team."

Paul Reiser, Actor:
"My guess -- and big fear -- is that the series will be Dodgers and Yankees. As a lifelong Yankee fan who's grown to love the Dodgers -- especially since Joe Torre took over - this is a dilemma for me. My sincere hope is that it goes deep into Game 7, and then suddenly starts raining non-stop till Spring Training. Maybe they'll call it a tie."

Tom Arnold, Actor:
"Is it too early to pick the Cubs for 2010? I am always a glutton for punishment."

Tyler Connolly, Lead Singer, "Theory of a Deadman: "Yankees will win in seven."

Panel Picks ...

The Picks
The Winner
ArnoldYankees vs. DodgersYankees in 6
ConnollyYankees vs. AngelsYankees in 7
CookAngels vs. PhilliesAngels
CranstonYankees vs. DodgersDodgers in 7
LangYankees vs. PhilliesYankees in 7
MaddenOrioles vs. DodgersDodgers
NothYankees vs. DodgersDodgers
ReisierYankees vs. DodgersPush
SlaterYankees vs. DodgersDodgers

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