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10/15/09 5:04 PM ET

A pregame interview with Vicente Padilla

Q. How would you characterize the time you spent in Philadelphia, and what do you think it's going to mean to pitch against them in the NLCS?

VICENTE PADILLA: First of all, they have great fans and a great baseball environment. But now I'm with the Dodgers, so I have to do whatever I have to do with the Dodgers. But I feel good about it.

Q. When you signed with the Dodgers, what were your expectations about what you might be able to do in the rest of the season and if you might be able to play in the playoffs?

VICENTE PADILLA: I feel very grateful to be in this position right now, to be given this opportunity to pitch in the playoffs. But when I first signed with the Dodgers, I didn't really think that I was going to be -- I was going to come this far. But I knew that the team was a hard working team and really good guys. I'm very happy that we're here right now.

Q. Were you surprised when Texas released you based on the fact you had a winning record, your ERA was decent?

VICENTE PADILLA: Well, when they released me I wasn't really surprised. They had to do whatever they had to do. You just have to go on, and you just can't really dwell on the fact that they released you. You've just got to keep going.

Q. You started Game 3 in the Division Series, now they've moved you up to Game 2 in the Championship Series. Does that have any meaning for you, or is it special for you?

VICENTE PADILLA: Yeah, it's obviously very special for me that they moved me up from third to second game. It's a great opportunity, and I have to work hard and get the victory for our team.

Q. Pedro Martinez is an idol for a lot of Latin players. Is he for you, and is there something about him you've wanted to emulate?

VICENTE PADILLA: He's a great pitcher as well as a great person, and he was also my idol.

Q. Now that you are with the Dodgers, what do you think about the future with the Dodgers after this year when you become a free agent?

VICENTE PADILLA: Right now at this moment I'm not really thinking about that. I just have to work hard to get through this series and win the championship, and I'll let my agent and other people worry about it after the season is over.

Q. You have not lost a start since you've come to Los Angeles. When was the last time you were pitching this well?

VICENTE PADILLA: I think in 2006.

Q. When you were released before you signed with the Dodgers, were there any other options that you had, and what was your feeling when you knew that the Dodgers were interested in you, given that they looked like they had a team that would make the playoffs?

VICENTE PADILLA: I think there were some offers like Washington, but when I found out that the Dodgers had an interest in me, I was very happy. I was very happy to have this opportunity to play on this great team.

Q. What would you say is the reason you've been pitching so well since you've come to Los Angeles? Is it because of the change of scenery? Do you feel more comfortable here?

VICENTE PADILLA: I think in point of fact it's the fact that my teammates welcomed me, and they took me as one of the family members.

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