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10/20/09 3:50 PM ET

Workout Day interview with Vicente Padilla

Q. This is a real big game for your franchise and a big game for your career. Do you feel especially honored to be chosen to pitch this game?

VICENTE PADILLA: I feel very honored to have this opportunity to pitch an important game. I'm just so happy the Dodgers chose me, and I just hope to pitch a great game and win.

Q. Obviously you haven't been with this team for very long, but you've spoken a couple of times about welcomed and feeling part of the family. Does that help you in a game like this, where quite literally the season is on the line?

VICENTE PADILLA: I've always said that they have supported me, they've embraced me from the beginning, the managers as well as my teammates, and they have given me so much confidence. That really helped me be stronger.

Q. Randy Wolf said a few minutes ago that you're best when you're throwing your off speed pitches, especially your slider for a strike. Have you ever been in a zone like this with that pitch?

VICENTE PADILLA: I think I have a better breaking ball this year. When you have the combination of a breaking ball and a consistent fastball, you're going to get a really good result, and that's what happened this year.

Q. Similar question, but just in the last game in this series, what did you feel like was really going right for you?

VICENTE PADILLA: First of all, mainly my control was really good. As I said, my breaking ball and fastball, I was able to locate those pitches really well in the strike zone.

So I think that was it.

Q. What are your memories of pitching in Philadelphia for the Phillies? And what kind of reception are you anticipating from the fans tomorrow night?

VICENTE PADILLA: I've said this before, the fans treated me really well here. But I play for the Dodgers, so I have to do the best for this team.

Q. What do you expect from the fans?

VICENTE PADILLA: I haven't done anything bad here, so I think they're going to treat me well.

Q. One other thing Wolfie brought up is you used to throw kind of a 55 mile an hour side arm curve. When is the last time you threw that pitch, and have you abandoned it?

VICENTE PADILLA: About two or three years ago.

Q. Why did you stop using it?

VICENTE PADILLA: When I had the problem with my elbow.

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