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11/22/09 3:25 PM EST

Andrus edged in rookie award balloting

Shortstop finishes second in voting behind Oakland's Bailey

ARLINGTON -- Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus went into the offseason with a chance to win two major national awards.

He ended up going 0-for-2 when he finished second to Athletics reliever Andrew Bailey for American League Rookie of the Year in voting announced by the Baseball Writers' Association of America on Monday.

Andrus is the first Rangers player to finish as high as second in the voting since first baseman Mike Hargrove won the award in 1974. Bailey received 13 out of 28 first-place votes and 88 total points. Andrus received eight first-place votes and 65 total points. Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello received seven first-place votes and 64 total points to finish in third place just behind Andrus.

"I don't feel disappointed," Andrus said Monday. "It was a close race. Andrew Bailey is a great player and he had a great season. I'm sad they gave it to him, but I still had a great season. I know I have a lot to do to get ready for next year."

Andrus also missed out on winning the AL Rawlings Gold Glove Award, which was announced last week. That was won by Derek Jeter of the Yankees.

"I knew Jeter would win for sure," Andrus said. "He made like [eight] errors. He's Derek Jeter. He's my idol. If I don't win a Gold Glove, I want Derek Jeter to win the Gold Glove. I'm not mad about that. He's one of my idols."

Andrus, who was the Rangers Opening Day shortstop at age 20, hit .267 with 72 runs scored, 17 doubles, eight triples, six home runs and 33 stolen bases in 145 games and 480 at-bats. Defensively Andrus was second in the league among shortstops in range factor with 5.02 chances per nine innings and was tied for third in double plays.

But that didn't impress enough voters as much as Bailey going 6-3 with a 1.84 ERA and 26 saves. He was a member of the American League All-Star team before going on to become the Athletics' eighth Rookie of the Year winner.

Bailey and Andrus are quite familiar with each other. Andrus had seven at-bats against Bailey, the most of any opponent. He was 0-for-7 against him.

2009 AL roy voting
Player 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Andrew Bailey 13 6 5 88
Elvis Andrus 8 6 7 65
Rick Porcello 7 8 5 64
Jeff Niemann x 5 6 21
Gordon Beckham x 2 4 10
Brett Anderson x 1 1 4

"I wanted to win the award," Andrus said. "Since I was 16, I had that in my mind as a challenge and this year I wanted to be Rookie of the Year. I didn't win the award, but that doesn't mean I can't get better. It just makes me work harder for next year, not for numbers or awards but to help my team get into the playoffs."

Andrus has been resting since the end of the season, but is expecting to play Winter Ball in Venezuela, beginning next week. He is hoping to play for about a month and shut it down right before Christmas.

"I talked to [general manager] Jon Daniels and [manager] Ron Washington and they wanted me to rest," Andrus said. "They knew I played a lot last year and they wanted me to rest my body for next year. But I do want to play for a month because I know that league helped me last year."

A year of Major League experience should also help.

"I think the best thing for me was just getting around the league," Andrus said. "I really didn't know what was going on or what to do so it was a big step forward. My teammates and Ron Washington helped me get comfortable."

Third baseman Michael Young and infielder Omar Vizquel were a big help, Andrus said. Young will be back in 2010 but it appears that Vizquel, who just finished his 21st season in the Majors, will leave as a free agent and not return to the Rangers.

"I was praying for the Rangers to take him back," Andrus said. "I learned a lot of things from Omar. He taught me at the best time. If you're going to have somebody like that, the best time for a guy is in his first year. I really needed to learn.

"Omar was very special and I learned a lot. I'm not going to forget it either."

Andrus has won one award this season. He was the Rangers Rookie of the Year in voting by the local chapter of the BBWAA. Scott Feldman was voted upon as the Pitcher of the Year while the club's Player of the Year as well as Harold McKinney Good Guy winner, have yet to be announced.

The only other award within reach of the Rangers was American League Manager of the Year. Washington finished fifth in the voting after the Rangers finished 87-75 and in second place in the AL West.

National Awards
MVP Rookie of the Year Manager of the Year
Jeff Burroughs1974Mike Hargrove1974Johnny Oates1996
Juan Gonzalez1996Buck Showalter2004
Juan Gonzalez1998
Ivan Rodriguez1999
Alex Rodriguez2003
Rawlings Gold Glove Silver Slugger
Jim Sundberg, C1976Al Oliver, OF1980
Jim Sundberg, C1977Al Oliver, OF1981
Juan Beniquez, OF1977Buddy Bell, 3B1984
Jim Sundberg, C1978Ruben Sierra, OF1989
Jim Sundberg, C1979Julio Franco, 2B1989
Buddy Bell, 3B1979Harold Baines, DH1989
Buddy Bell, 3B1980Julio Franco, 2B1990
Jim Sundberg, C1980Julio Franco, 2B1991
Jim Sundberg, C1981Juan Gonzalez, OF1992
Buddy Bell, 3B1981Juan Gonzalez, OF1993
Buddy Bell, 3B1982Ivan Rodriguez, C1994
Buddy Bell, 3B1983Ivan Rodriguez, C1995
Buddy Bell, 3B1984Ivan Rodriguez, C1996
Gary Pettis, OF1990Juan Gonzalez, OF1996
Ivan Rodriguez, C1992Ivan Rodriguez, C1997
Ivan Rodriguez, C1993Juan Gonzalez, OF1997
Ivan Rodriguez, C1994Juan Gonzalez, OF1998
Ivan Rodriguez, C1995Ivan Rodriguez, C1998
Ivan Rodriguez, C1996Ivan Rodriguez, C1999
Ivan Rodriguez, C1997Rafael Palmeiro, DH1999
Ivan Rodriguez, C1998Alex Rodriguez, SS2001
Ivan Rodriguez, C1999Alex Rodriguez, SS2002
Rafael Palmeiro, 1B1999Alex Rodriguez, SS2003
Kenny Rogers, P2000Alfonso Soriano, 2B2004
Ivan Rodriguez, C2000Mark Teixeira, 1B2004
Ivan Rodriguez, C2001Alfonso Soriano, 2B2005
Alex Rodriguez, SS2002Mark Teixeira, 1B2005
Kenny Rogers, P2002Josh Hamilton, OF2008
Alex Rodriguez, SS2003
Kenny Rogers, P2004
Kenny Rogers, P2005
Mark Teixeira, 1B2005
Mark Teixeira, 1B2006
Michael Young, SS2008
Local Awards
Player of the YearYear Pitcher of the YearYear Rookie of the Year Year
Jeff Burroughs1973, 1974Jim Bibby1973Mike Hargrove1974
Toby Harrah1975Ferguson Jenkins1974, 1978Roy Howell1975
Tom Grieve1976Gaylord Perry1975Tommy Boggs1976
Jim Sundberg1977Nelson Briles1976Bump Wills1977
Al Oliver1978Doyle Alexander1977Steve Comer1978
Buddy Bell1979, 1981-82Jim Kern1979Pat Putnam1979
Mickey Rivers1980Danny Darwin1980John Butcher1980
George Wright1983Steve Comer1981Dave Schmidt1981
Larry Parrish1984, 1986Rick Honeycutt1981Dave Hostetler1982
Pete O'Brien1985Charle Hough1982-83, 1985-88Mike Smithson1983
Ruben Sierra1987-89, 1991Frank Tanana1984Curtis Wilkerson1984
Rafael Palmeiro1990, 1999-2000Nolan Ryan1989Oddibe McDowell1985
Juan Gonzalez1992-93, 1996-98Bobby Witt1990Pete Incaviglia1986
Jose Canseco1994Jose Guzman1991Jerry Browne1987
Ivan Rodriguez1995Kevin Brown1992Cecil Espy1988
Alex Rodriguez2001-03Tom Henke1993Kevin Brown1989
Michael Young2004-05, 2007, 2009Kenny Rogers1994-95, 2002, 2005Jeff Huson1990
Gary Matthews Jr.2006Ken Hill1996Ivan Rodriguez1991
Josh Hamilton2008Darren Oliver1997Jeff Frye1992
  Rick Helling1998, 2000David Hulse1993
  Aaron Sele1999Rusty Greer1994
  Jeff Zimmerman2001Benji Gil1995
  John Thomson2003Mark Brandenburg1996
  Francisco Cordero2004Danny Patterson1997
  Akinori Otsuka2006Jeff Zimmerman1999
  Joaquin Benoit2007Mike Lamb2000
  Vicente Padilla2008Michael Young2001
  Scott Feldman2009Kevin Mench2002
    Mark Teixeira2003
    Frank Francisco2004
    Chris Young2005
    Ian Kinsler2006
    David Murphy2007
    Chris Davis2008
    Elvis Andrus2009
      Award not given in 1973 or 1998
Harold McKinney Good Guy Year     
Tom Grieve1975, 1994    
Danny Thompson*1976    
Dave May1977    
Jim Sundberg1978    
Burt Hawkins1979    
Buddy Bell1980    
Bill Stein1981    
Larry Parrish1982    
Bill Zeigler1983    
Dave Stewart1984    
Charlie Hough1985, 1990    
Pete O'Brien1986    
Steve Buechele1987    
Art Howe1988    
Mike Stanley1989    
Jack Daugherty1991    
Jose Guzman1992    
Geno Petralli1993    
Bob Tewksbury1995    
Dave Valle1996    
Bobby Witt1997    
Mark McLemore1998    
John Burkett1999    
Gabe Kapler2000    
Rick Helling2001    
Jeff Zimmerman2002    
Michael Young2003    
John Blake2004    
David Dellucci2005    
Mark Teixeira2006    
Marlon Byrd2007    
Ron Washington2008    
* awarded posthumously2007    

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