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12/18/09 9:26 PM EST

MacPhail satisfied for now

But O's still interested in pitchers Chapman, Hendrickson

Andy MacPhail likely made his biggest splashes of the offseason over the last couple of weeks, when he traded for Kevin Millwood, signed Mike Gonzalez to a two-year deal and reached agreement on a one-year pact with Garrett Atkins.

Since it's not official yet, MacPhail would not comment on the Atkins signing, but the Orioles' president of baseball operations did talk about how he'll probably "let the market percolate" from now on, and "see how things evolve," adding, "I really wouldn't necessarily see anything on the immediate horizon."

So, that means Orioles fans can stop anticipating the arrival of Matt Holliday to Baltimore, if they ever did so to begin with.

On Wednesday night, FOXSports.com reported that the Orioles had "jumped into the bidding" for Holliday, though the Web site added that a deal isn't likely.

In an interview with MLB.com on Friday, MacPhail acknowledged that since Gonzalez and Holliday are represented by the same agent, the heralded Scott Boras, Holliday's name did come up, but MacPhail added, "It is not something I would put a high likelihood on at the present time."

As for an ESPNBoston.com rumor about the O's looking into trading for Adrian Gonzalez during the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis last week, MacPhail said, "That one came as somewhat of a surprise to me."

MacPhail didn't completely eliminate the moves from happening, but nothing seems to be in the forefront.

"You never know where a lot of those things come from or whatever, and you never know -- things can change with a phone call," MacPhail said. "But I just don't see those right now. We've accomplished most of what we've hoped to accomplish, probably a little earlier than we expected we would, and now we'll let things percolate a little while."

But there are still things on the agenda.

Gonzalez was unveiled to the media on Friday afternoon, and the Atkins signing won't be official until early next week, when the 30-year-old lands in Baltimore to take his physical.

Though MacPhail probably won't be as aggressive as he's been recently, adding another corner infielder -- the fact Atkins can play third and first base gives the O's the flexibility to look into both positions -- and more pitching is still a possibility.

"I think you always look to try to improve your pitching if you can," MacPhail said. "There are just some times you need to move quickly, and there are some times you can afford and probably benefit from letting things play out for a little while. I think we moved quickly from where we needed to. And I think we're in a spot now where we can just let the market play out for a little bit."

Two pitchers currently on the forefront for the O's are Aroldis Chapman and Mark Hendrickson.

Orioles international scouting director John Stockstill was on hand Tuesday at the Baseball USA complex to speak with Chapman and watch him throw a side session. Baltimore has openly been one of the most interested suitors for the 21-year-old left-hander -- along with the Red Sox, who are believed to have made the only offer to Chapman at this point -- and are still monitoring the situation.

MacPhail said he spoke to Chapman's new agent, Randy Hendricks, during the Winter Meetings, but the two haven't re-engaged since.

"I think [the side session] was as it was portrayed to us, which it wasn't so much a workout, as just an opportunity to sit down with the young man, watch a little bit," MacPhail said. "He didn't really go all out, or really should he. But he's somebody that we have been watching, starting in the [World Baseball Classic] and sort of getting the opportunity to meet with his new and his former agents. I'm not exactly sure how that one is going to play out, but we have been one of the interested parties."

As for Hendrickson, MacPhail said he hasn't been able to touch base with his agent in the last few days -- signing Millwood, Gonzalez and Atkins has kept him pretty busy -- but he likes what Hendrickson brings, and there is definitely a mutual interest in the two sides coming together at some point.

"We touched base a couple times over the course of Indianapolis in the Winter Meetings," MacPhail said.

"It'll probably be something that we address in the not-too-distant future."

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