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05/24/10 9:00 PM ET

Rangers assured process won't affect them

Court procedure not changing day-to-day operations

ARLINGTON -- Third baseman Michael Young couldn't picture himself a creditor of the Texas Rangers.

"Uh, no," Young said, laughing. "I saw that this morning. I made a quick phone call to my agent and the Players Association and was assured that everything was not a big deal. I feel that my concerns are completely alleviated at this point."

In light of Monday's announcement that the Rangers were heading to bankruptcy court in order to expedite the sale of the franchise to Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan, Young found out that he was one of the top unsecured creditors, owed $3.9 million in deferred compensation. Former Rangers slugger Alex Rodriguez topped the list at $24.9 million.

But as the face of the Texas franchise, Young understands what is changing. Ryan, Greenberg and Tom Hicks, who is trying to sell the team, all met with the club prior to the team's departure to Kansas City.

"It was quick and to the point. They kind of told us everything that's going on in layman's terms," Young said. "But everyone has a pretty fundamental grasp on what's happening ... They explained to us that it's not going to affect anything that we're going to do on the field or as far as baseball operations are concerned."

Young said that players naturally had questions regarding their paychecks.

"That was at the top of the list of some questions," Young said. "That was actually the first thing that they told us. They knew the players were thinking about that. They said, 'You're going to get our per diem,' 'You're going to get your paychecks on time,' and 'Don't worry about it.'

"After a huge sigh of relief, the meeting went on."

But Young said the team didn't have many concerns about the recent news, despite some not totally understanding the complicated process.

"I think if you don't understand the process and you see the word bankruptcy, obviously a little bit of a red flag goes up," Young said. "But I know some guys took it upon themselves to read up on it this morning and find out what was involved. Once we knew that this will expedite the sale ... we knew it wasn't that big of a deal."

But the players reiterated the same goal they all share, and that's getting the Rangers back into the postseason. The Rangers lead the American League West by two games as they head on the road.

"I think that's another reason why we're so excited to see this thing on the way to happening, because we want this thing resolved as quickly as possible," Young said. "We want ownership to do everything they can to help us win a championship. And we've been assured that's going to happen once this thing goes through."

But the third baseman knows with the deadlines coming up in just a few weeks there's a sense of urgency regarding the finalization of the sale to Rangers Baseball Express.

"We were told that it's not going to affect anything regarding the day-to-day operations of the team. I took that to mean the Draft and the Trade Deadline," Young said. "At the same time, common sense tells us the sooner this happens, the sooner this gets transferred to the new ownership group, the better everyone's going to be off. We don't have to worry about what's going to happen at the Trade Deadline."

Young knows what his team's job is, despite the inevitable change in ownership.

"It's not a distraction for us at all. Our job is to go out there and play baseball, and that's pretty much what this meeting was about," Young said. "All the guys left excited about all the possibilities of knowing what's going to happen as the summer progresses. Hopefully we can put this to rest for a little bit."

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