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06/04/10 7:46 PM ET

Scouting director Wilken ready for Draft

HOUSTON -- The Cubs have the 16th overall pick in Monday's First-Year Player Draft, and they won't pick again until the second round (65th pick). Scouting director Tim Wilken and his staff gathered in Mesa, Ariz., this week to compile their board with players they have targeted.

"At this point, I have a pretty decent comfort level coming into it as far as what might land at our spot at 16," Wilken said. "I like the picks from two to five. After that point, it might become a little thin. I'm quite a bit more comfortable than I've been in a few other Drafts. I don't think it's overwhelming, punch-in-the-face ability, but there's solid ability."

Wilken said there is some right-handed pitching depth, just "OK" outfield depth and some third basemen available. The weakest part of the Draft, he said, was the catchers and also the middle infielders, especially at the college level.

Once the scouts go over their lists, they'll come up with a game plan.

"Generally, that first pick will be who we perceive to be the best possible pick there," Wilken said.

Last year, the Cubs selected outfielder Brett Jackson from UC Berkeley in the first round.

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