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06/09/10 12:10 AM ET

Reyes awarded a homer after replay

Mets bounce back to beat Padres in extra innings

NEW YORK -- There were two contentious calls in Tuesday's 2-1 Mets victory over the Padres, but only one replay.

Mets shortstop Jose Reyes hit his second home run of the season Tuesday against the Padres, on a call that umpires overturned after consulting video replay to tie the ballgame at 1.

Three innings later, Angel Pagan hit a ball that struck a fan in right field. Pagan motored around second base for an easy triple, but afterward expressed disappointment that umpires did not take time to review the play.

"I don't know why they didn't go over and watch it on the replay," Pagan said. "It already happened. There's no turning back. But I can tell you that I hit that ball well."

Pagan believed that if his ball had not struck a fan, it would have hit the top of the wall and bounced into the stands. Replays were inconclusive.

Reyes' hit offered less contention. Leading off the bottom of the seventh, Reyes sent a fly ball that just barely cleared the left-field wall. Originally ruling the hit a double, umpires overturned the call after video replays showed the ball bouncing off a fence atop the wall.

Citi Field ground rules stipulate that any ball landing above the orange line atop the outfield wall is a home run.

The three-minute-and-14-second review was the Mets' fifth this season.

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