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06/27/10 6:07 PM ET

Red Sox can be cautious with Buchholz

SAN FRANCISCO -- Clay Buchholz was walking around the clubhouse with a clear limp the day after hyperextending his left knee while running the bases. However, there is encouragement for two reasons. The first is that there's nothing structurally wrong with Buchholz's knee. The other is that the Red Sox are unusually flexible with their rotation this week, thanks to off-days Monday and Thursday.

"He's a little bit black and blue in his knee, which means there's a little bit of bleeding," said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. "Saying that, he feels pretty good. He has pretty good range of motion. I think he was doing some work in [the trainers room] and it kind of spasmed up on him. We have multiple off-days coming up. At least it gives us an opportunity -- we can wait. We've already talked to [Tim Wakefield] a little bit about possibly what the week looks like.

"But we'll go back [Monday] and I'm sure tonight a little bit, too, and talk to [general manager] Theo [Epstein] a little bit, and see how everybody is feeling. Kind of get our week in order. But we have some flexibility, which is great."

The way the rotation falls, Buchholz's regularly scheduled turn would be Saturday at Fenway Park against the Orioles. But Jon Lester would be rested enough to make that start if need be, and John Lackey could pitch Sunday, with Daisuke Matsuzaka taking the ball on July 5 against the Rays. If Buchholz requires extra rest, the Red Sox could actually wait until July 6 before they need a fifth starter in the rotation.

"At this point, his knee is good, but he's got a lower hamstring so it's kind of up to how he feels," Francona said.

Buchholz leads Boston's rotation in wins (10) and ERA (2.45).

Sore Cameron takes a break

SAN FRANCISCO -- Following his most impactful game of the season -- which included a three-run home run and a diving catch in front of the wall -- Mike Cameron was too sore to start Sunday against the Giants.

Cameron is still regaining his health after missing five weeks with a strained lower abdomen. Because of Dustin Pedroia's injury in the second inning Friday, Cameron had what basically amounted to starts on three straight days.

After Saturday's game, Cameron told manager Terry Francona that he wanted to play Sunday. But Francona was skeptical if Cameron would still feel that way when he got to the park Sunday.

"He's a little sore. I think we all kind of expected that," said Francona. "We actually talked to him last night after the game. I told him, 'Call me in the morning.' So he did and said, 'Yeah, I'm a little sore.' We appreciated his honesty."

Darnell McDonald, who also homered Saturday, started in center. Right fielder J.D. Drew (strained hamstring) was back in the lineup for the first time since June 18. Daniel Nava started in left.

Adrian Beltre got his first day off of the trip, as David Ortiz started at first and Kevin Youkilis moved across the diamond to third. It was the last game of the season the Red Sox will be without the designated hitter.

Patterson to join Red Sox on Tuesday

SAN FRANCISCO -- Eric Patterson, the utility player the Red Sox acquired from the Oakland A's on Saturday, is expected to be activated for Tuesday night's home game against the Rays.

Though Patterson lives in the San Francisco area, there were logistical reasons he couldn't report to the club for Sunday's game. Patterson might fly back to Boston with the Red Sox, though that was still being ironed out in the hours leading up to Sunday's game.

He will help out at second base and the outfield, perhaps sharing time with Bill Hall. The Red Sox are without starting second baseman Dustin Pedroia for the next several weeks. Pedroia suffered a non-displaced fracture in the navicular bone of his left foot Friday night.

"We want to get [Patterson] here and work him out at second because what he really gives us is, hopefully, is a lot of versatility," said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. "He can play the outfield, he can play second. Billy can kind of do the same thing. Maybe they complement each other. I don't know if, before I've even met a kid, I'm going to say it's going to be a straight platoon. I know what his numbers say, he's better against righties. Some of it may be our health, how we're doing. We've been kind of piecing it together and getting production, so we're going to try to keep doing that."

Red Sox adjusting to life without Pedroia

SAN FRANCISCO -- Dustin Pedroia, on the disabled list with a broken foot, will see Red Sox medical director Thomas Gill and foot specialist George Theodore back in Boston on Monday. Those two doctors reviewed the film of his tests that were taken in San Francisco, and they are somewhat encouraged. The bone is not displaced.

No timetable has been determined yet on Pedroia's return.

"I think most of it is how long they feel like he has to be non-weightbearing," said manager Terry Francona. "If there's parameters, he's going to be quick. He's going to be on the good end. But as long as he's not weightbearing, there's not much he can do."

Francona doesn't expect to have a regular No. 2 hitter during Pedroia's absence. Darnell McDonald hit in that spot Saturday and Daniel Nava was there Sunday.

"I don' think we need to get married into one or wedded into one," Francona said. "I don't know that where we are right now, that would be our best team. I know you guys have heard me say a million times about consistency in the lineup. I do like that. This doesn't mean we can't be a good team. I don't think you're going to see one lineup out there. That's OK. We've got guys, I think [Mike Cameron] said it really good yesterday, we're grinding through it and trying to be a tough team. I guess we'll continue to try to do that."

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