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10/31/10 11:50 PM EST

Washington interview after Game 4

Q. Can you talk about Bumgarner and his performance tonight.

RON WASHINGTON: Well, he was real well, threw real well tonight. He didn't throw one pitch at the same speed, and he moved the ball around, he kept the ball on the ground, he kept his defense engaged. They made some great defensive plays out there tonight. The kid did a great job.

Q. It appeared there were two calls that went against you that appeared to be wrong. What were the impact of those in your mind?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, it could have kept an inning going. You never know what would have happened after that, but that's the human nature of calling a ballgame. I thought he missed both of them, but there wasn't much you can do about it.

Q. Did you have the sense that they had well scouted you and were really well positioned on defense?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, you know, I think we hit some balls where they were. I don't think they could have envisioned that the pitches that Bumgarner made that we hit that they would do that. But we smoked some balls, and the outfielders are pretty athletic. They made some good plays.

I think it came down to the pitching tonight. You know, he did a great job. We couldn't get anything mustered on him, and when we thought we might get something done, he gets the ball down on the ground and gets a double play or gets outs. I thought the pitching was the thing tonight and their defense.

Q. That said, retrospectively could Cliff Lee have done any better?

RON WASHINGTON: I certainly hope he'll do better tomorrow. We feel pretty good about him being out there tomorrow. Once again, we've got to put some runs on the board. Tonight we didn't. I think he held us to four hits. You've just got to tip your hat to that young kid, Bumgarner. He did a great job.

Q. How is Ogando? And what do you envision will happen with him?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, we'll make a move, but he's through. Oblique. Threw that slider and it just pulled on him. He was doing a great job, too, but that's the way it goes sometimes. We sure hate to lose him, but we'll make a move.

Q. Overall in general, how impressed are you with what you've seen of the Giants' pitching?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, it's certainly been pitching as advertised. Those guys pound the strike zone. They've got good stuff. They've got velocity. They can spin the baseball, they can change speeds, and they keep their defense engaged. And that's what you like to see out of pitching, keeping the defense engaged. They've done a great job. We've got to figure out some ways to put some runs on the board against them.

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