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03/02/11 9:00 AM ET

Teixeira parts ways with agent Boras

TAMPA, Fla. -- Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira has ended his business relationship with longtime agent Scott Boras.

Teixeira said on Wednesday that he had been considering making a change in representatives for about a year, wanting to focus more on his playing career as well as off-field initiatives.

Entering the third year of an eight-year, $180 million contract that Boras negotiated with the Yankees, Teixeira said that his next deal is not much a concern at this time.

"There's no reason to get into a lot of specifics right now, but sometimes business relationships just run their course," Teixeira said. "For me and my family, right now this is the best decision for me."

Teixeira said that a big contract -- ultimately, the one he landed with the Yankees in January 2009 -- was a topic of discussion since his rookie year in 2003, but now that he is settled with a deal that runs through 2016, another representative may be better suited to serve his interests.

"I felt at times I was Mark Teixeira, Scott Boras client, instead of Mark Teixeira, baseball player," Teixeira said. "We had a great relationship and he gave me everything that I asked for contract-wise.

"I'm 100-percent happy in New York, I absolutely love it here, but the next six years of my career aren't going to be about a contract."

Teixeira had been in Boras' stable of clients since signing his first professional deal in 2001. He will continue paying Boras a percentage of his earnings for the life of his Yankees contract.

"He was obviously disappointed," Teixeira said. "Scott and I have had a great relationship business-wise. We both have worked well together. I've known him for 12 years. After 12 years, sometimes it's just time to make a little bit of a change. Hopefully when I see him, we'll be able to shake hands."

Teixeira said that he has been using another representative, the Jonas Group, to handle his off-field activities. He mentioned Harlem RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) as one of the groups with which he would like to expand his involvement.

"I'm here and settled in New York," Teixeira said. "You start worrying about different things -- winning a championship, winning another championship, and then being involved in the community.

"On the field, I'm completely focused on helping this team win, and off the field, it's helping kids out."

Teixeira was asked if he would be in pinstripes if not for Boras. He said he hopes it would have worked out that way, but can't be completely sure it would have.

"There are a lot of teams out there that don't like me, as you guys all know, and Scott did a great job getting me my contract," Teixeira said.

"I wanted to be in New York from the very beginning, and everything that I've asked for has come true so far. From here on out, there's no reason to worry about the contract. It's all about winning championships and helping out the community."

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