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04/11/11 1:41 PM ET

Bonds jury reviews Hoskins' testimony

SAN FRANCISCO -- The jury in the federal trial of Barry Bonds was back in the courtroom to begin its second day of deliberations Monday, but when the jurors will be back there to deliver a verdict remains to be seen.

After going out for deliberations Friday, the eight women and four men reported back to Judge Susan Illston's courtroom first thing Monday morning, hearing a re-reading of the riveting testimony former personal shopper Kathy Hoskins provided during the trial. The reading was conducted by the court stenographer and lasted about an hour and 15 minutes.

What was missing from Monday's re-reading was the emotion Hoskins, the sister of fellow childhood friend and prosecution witness Steve Hoskins, displayed in giving her testimony -- smiling when talking about taking Bonds to the Sadie Hawkins dance when she was a freshman in high school, showing anger and tears when talking about how her brother "threw me under the bus" getting her involved in the case in the first place.

What was there, however, was Hoskins' account of seeing trainer Greg Anderson inject Bonds in the abdomen, where human growth hormone is typically administered. "Greg shot him in the belly button," Hoskins said, adding that Bonds said it was "a little something-something for before I go on the road. You can't detect it. You can't catch it."

Bonds, the Major Leagues' all-time leader in home runs and a seven-time Most Valuable Player, is standing trial on three counts of making false declarations and one count of obstruction of justice. The charges are based on his Dec. 4, 2003, testimony before the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) grand jury in which he denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs. One of what was four charges of making false declarations coming into the trial was dropped prior to closing arguments.

The jurors made the request Friday via a note to Illston to hear or read Hoskins' testimony. Earlier in the day, they'd made another request and returned to the courtroom to hear again the secret recording Steve Hoskins made of a conversation with Anderson, one in which they discussed how best to avoid infection from injections by moving them around to different parts of the body.

These two particular requests for a review of evidence would appear to center on Count Two, in which Bonds is charged with lying to the grand jury for saying no one other than his personal physician ever had injected him with a syringe.

Count One of the charges against Bonds relates to a question Bonds was asked of whether Anderson had given him something he knew to be a steroid, with Bonds saying, "Not that I know of." Count Three was a question of whether he'd ever received human growth hormone from Anderson, to which Bonds answered, "No."

The case was estimated to run 3-4 weeks, and Monday begins the fourth week of the proceedings.

If found guilty on any charge, Bonds faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, although federal sentencing guidelines suggest 15-20 months and earlier convictions of false testimony in the BALCO case had sentences of house arrest.

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