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05/23/11 9:30 PM ET

Marcum shares honor amid thoughts of home

Brewers hurler wins pair, ups streak to six games

MILWAUKEE -- The tornado that touched down in Joplin, Mo., on Sunday, which killed 116 people and left nearly 400 injured, has been weighing on the mind of Brewers right-hander Shaun Marcum. On what would've been a calming Monday after Marcum was named co-National League Player of the Week for his two wins and 1.20 ERA, his thoughts were with family and friends back in Missouri.

The Kansas City native glanced at his phone on Monday morning, and as soon as he read about the destruction that happened approximately 150 miles from his hometown, he phoned his father.

Fortunately for Marcum, he was relieved to hear his family is OK, as the tornado didn't damage Kansas City.

However, with friends in other parts of Missouri and Oklahoma, trying to put the storm's destruction into words was a challenge.

"It's crazy," he said. "Joplin's a pretty big city to get wiped out like that, and half the city is gone."

The weather forecast for Tuesday didn't exactly calm Marcum, either. With high winds and rain predicted for the area, he thought about his brother who lives in Kansas, his wife's hometown that is near Kansas City and the university he attended, Southwest Missouri State.

"Talking to my dad today, they're supposed to get a lot more storms tomorrow. So hopefully, everybody can get safe and get shelter -- and hopefully that will be the last of them."

Marcum said he never experienced a tornado first-hand, though he recalled taking shelter from tornadoes that touched down 10-15 miles away from his house.

"I wasn't around them, you know, that's the upside," he said. "But you wish all those people the best that are there, and hopefully everybody can get shelter and get protected."

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