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06/01/11 10:00 AM ET

New month brings new low price for MLB.TV

June is here with the promise of summer, weddings, "dads and grads," more Interleague Play, family vacations, watering lawns, boons and swoons in the standings, ballpark dogs and Derek Jeter's 3,000th career hit.

The month also has brought new low yearly prices for MLB.TV: $99.99 for MLB.TV Premium and $79.99 for basic MLB.TV for the remainder of the season.

If that's not enough, here in Week 10 of the season are 10 more reasons to watch live out-of-market Major League Baseball games with the leading technology that has served up a billion streams:

1. Beauty beholds it. Be like Miss USA, Rima Fakih, who logged into her MLB.com account at the Madrid airport on Sunday night, local time, to see her boyfriend, Blue Jays left-hander Ricky Romero, pitch seven strong innings to beat the White Sox in a day game.

"It's difficult with my career traveling ... and with Ricky being as busy as he is," Fakih said. "I want to thank MLB.TV because I get to watch Ricky pitch wherever I am in the world. I'm on my iPad all the time. It's difficult but we make it work."

2. Media use it. Pete Abraham, who covers the Red Sox for the Boston Globe, tweeted Tuesday night: "So At Bat 2011 on the iPad with MLB.TV is pretty damn cool."

3. Survival companion. "I started on MLB.TV last year because one of my Twitter friends told me about it," Michele Pettis of Rochester, N.Y., said in an email. "I have the game on my laptop every night while I watch TV. MLB.TV is a life-saver for a Red Sox fan such as me who is living in Yankee territory. Also I'm taking some online college classes so I can watch the game and work. It's nice to multitask."

4. Always connected. "I also have At Bat on my iPhone so I can watch the games wherever I go," Pettis said. Indeed, the MLB.com At Bat 11 app lets you stream your live MLB.TV games on the iPhone, iPad (as Abraham alluded), iPod Touch (minimum 4.0 OS) and Android (minimum 2.2 OS and Flash installed). You can watch MLB.TV via connected devices, including PC, Mac, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, Popbox, LG, Panasonic and Samsung. See the devices list.

"The MLB.TV service gets better every year," said Reds fan Chad Hobbs of Cincinnati. "The best part is being able to watch games anywhere. If I am in my bedroom, I watch on my computer; living room on my PS3; girlfriend's house on her Roku; and on the road I have the MLB.com At Bat 11 app to watch it on my Android phone. MLB.TV keeps me connected everywhere I go."

5. Broadcaster options. "Listening to Vin Scully flip between a tense Andre Ethier bases-loaded at-bat and a Memorial Day history lesson is exactly why I have MLB.TV," said best-selling author Jonah Keri on his Twitter page. With MLB.TV Premium, you can choose from home or away TV or radio feeds, plus Spanish where available. And if you want to forgo play-by-play and just hear what the crowd hears, you can select the "Park" option.

6. More features. Speed-detection technology delivers live high-definition video at the industry standard of 720p on any size monitor. Pause, rewind or fast-forward live games with Live game DVR functionality. Go directly to any at-bat or half-inning of a game with Clickable Linescores. Watch up to four games simultaneously. Use picture-in-picture to choose one game and track another or watch in-game highlights simultaneously in a secondary window. Watch live game highlights and see player stats automatically load into the media player. Customize a Player Tracker and get notifications to watch live at-bat look-ins for each player on your fantasy roster. Get Twitter integration.

7. All-Star balloting. It just got a lot more serious with the release of the first voting updates, and you are going to need to see as much live action as you can to be an educated voter. Unless, of course, you're just fine with how the first returns look.

8. Major League debuts. They are not usually planned in advance, and MLB.TV is just what you need to be prepared for that sudden call-up of a hot prospect. Take it from Jeff Johnson, a computer engineering student at Clemson who tweeted Tuesday: "Just bought a MLB.TV subscription solely to watch Jordan Lyles make his MLB debut for the Astros tonight."

9. MLB.TV Mobile Phone Only. Signups also are under way for a special $49.99 annual plan available only to fans who have the At Bat 11 app installed on iPhone or iPod Touch or Android. Click here for a list of supported devices/carriers.

Purchase of At Bat is required to access MLB.TV on iPhone, iPad and Android. That entitles the user to access MLB.TV only on the mobile phone, not any other platform. The mobile-only subscription is not available on iPad or BlackBerry, although you can watch live games on the iPad and listen live on your BlackBerry.

10. The boys of summer. We still have roughly two-thirds of a regular season to watch, and all of it will unfold live over MLB.TV.

"MLB.TV is the bomb because, for a very low cost per month, I have access to any game I fancy to watch," said Yankees fan William Tasker of northern Maine. "MLB.TV is another reason why there has never been a better time to be a fan of Major League Baseball."

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