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06/13/11 9:45 PM ET

Colbert wins control of @MLB Twitter feed

Comedy Central host will take control of @MLB for 24 hours

With a little help from Albert Pujols and Andre Ethier, Stephen Colbert emerged victorious in his Beat the Streak challenge against @MLB on Tuesday.

The Comedy Central host and Major League Baseball's official Twitter entered Day 2 of their three-day pick-off tied at one game apiece after converting with Ethier and Ichiro Suzuki, respectively, on Monday night.

Colbert selected Pujols on Tuesday afternoon, Tweeting:

"Beat The Streak pick 6/14: Albert Pujols (StL) When I take over @MLB, I'll give fans what they want: lots of concession stand sales figures."

The Cardinals first baseman wasted little time making good for the "Colbert Report" host, launching a first-inning long ball off of Nationals starter Yunesky Maya.

The dinger would prove decisive, as Kevin Youkilis -- @MLB's pick for Tuesday -- went 0-for-4 against James Shields and the Rays.

Youkilis nearly extended the challenge to Day 3 with a shot down the third base line in his final at-bat, but a brilliant defensive play by Evan Longoria and Casey Kotchman sealed his hitless evening.

With a high streak of two, Colbert wins the challenge and will take control of @MLB at a future date. The 1.2 million baseball fans who follow MLB's official Twitter account can likely expect plenty of witty political banter, anti-bear propaganda and -- apparently -- concession stand financial statements.

Now in its 11th season, Beat the Streak takes just 15 seconds per day to play. Just pick one player who you think will get a hit during today's games. If you pick correctly, your streak continues. If you pick correctly 57 games in a row -- surpassing Joe DiMaggio's record 56-game hitting streak -- you could win $5.6 million.

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