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08/05/11 12:01 AM ET

Colbert in charge of MLB's Twitter for today

Stephen Colbert has taken over the MLB Twitter account.

No, the host of the "Colbert Report" didn't hack in. He won the keys fair and square by defeating MLB in the Beat the Streak Challenge back on June 14.

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On the second day of the Challenge, Colbert selected Albert Pujols while MLB rolled with Kevin Youkilis. Pujols got a hit, Youkilis didn't, and here we are. Stephen Colbert is taking control of the MLB Twitter account on Friday.

Make sure to follow all the Twitter action as the one-time presidential candidate parks himself in the cockpit of the MLB Twitter account from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Friday.

Expect some perks, too. The last we heard from Colbert, he promised, "When I take over MLB, I'll give fans what they want -- lots of concession stand sales figures."

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