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10/01/11 8:07 PM ET

Milwaukee's 'Beast' a hit with players and fans

A favorite of Prince's sons, Monsters, Inc. gesture embraced

MILWAUKEE -- The Brewers' "Beast Mode" has gotten so big, even their fans are getting into the act.

"How 'bout my man in the beast mode outfit?" outfielder Nyjer Morgan said. "You see him?"

Yes, the other 44,121 fans at Miller Park saw him because the Brewers showed him on the scoreboard, a male fan covered head to toe in neon blue fur as "Sulley" from the animated movie Monsters, Inc. It's a favorite of Prince Fielder's young sons that has grown into a new Brewers tradition.

For the first time on Saturday, a national audience was introduced to the monsters of Miller Park.

"The Beast Mode thing is something we do for each other, to get each other fired up when something positive happens," Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun said. "It's kind of taken on a life of its own."

Fielder laughed when someone asked him about Beast Mode, calling the name "too hard." It's all in good fun -- wild gestures that follow highlight-worthy plays similar to the Texas Rangers' "claw" and "antlers" from the 2010 playoffs. Braun was the first to slip into Beast Mode on Saturday, throwing his claws in the air after throwing out Arizona's Willie Bloomquist at home plate in the first inning.

Others would follow. Jonathan Lucroy after blooping an RBI single in the sixth inning. Fielder after booming a two-run home run in the seventh.

"I don't have a good one. We need to work on mine," Lucroy said. "They say mine is too T-Rexy. I have to get my arms higher. But we're just playing the game, having fun."

Even in the bright lights of the postseason.

"We're not going to stop being who we are," Lucroy said. "We're going to have our team identity, and we're not going to change that because we're in the playoffs."

"We have a lot of fun," Braun said. "We try to enjoy ourselves every day, and I think we've created an atmosphere that's conducive to winning and success. We really enjoy coming to the ballpark."

The beasts will be back on Sunday for Game 2 of the series, starting at 4 p.m. CT on TBS.

"We have to be ourselves," Morgan said. "We're a laid back, loose team with a bunch of talent here. Us being kind of Plain Jane, that's not us. So we've just got to go out there and electrify the people."

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