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10/11/11 5:35 PM ET

Stow to be moved to long-term rehab center

Bryan Stow made another major step forward in his recovery Tuesday, as his doctors announced he would be transferred from San Francisco General Hospital to a long-term rehabilitation center.

Chief of neurosurgery Dr. Geoff Manley made the announcement at a news conference Tuesday, according to multiple media reports, although Stow's family was not able to attend. This milestone comes nearly 6 1/2 months after Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two, was brutally beaten on Opening Day outside of Dodger Stadium, where he was attacked and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Stow, who had been at San Francisco General Hospital since May 16, has continued making significant strides in recent weeks. Stow's family described him Thursday as "much more comfortable," and while he is still easily fatigued, he is speaking "with a stronger and clearer voice."

He received a visit last week from Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who gave Stow a signed hat and spoke with him for about 45 minutes. When Bochy left, Stow said, "Bye. I love you," according to the family's website.

The family also described a moment when his sisters informed Stow a lot of people wanted him to throw out the first pitch for the Giants next season. To that, the family wrote, Stow responded, "I'm there."

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