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10/20/11 1:02 AM ET

MLB announces Fan Cave to return in 2012

Application process opens up for next Dream Job winner

ST. LOUIS -- The MLB Fan Cave will be back in 2012, and signups are under way for those interested in watching every regular-season game as Major League Baseball's next Dream Job winner.

MLB made the announcement Wednesday night during the Cardinals' 3-2 victory over the Rangers in Game 1 at the 107th World Series. On hand to offer applicant advice were 2011 MLB Dream Job winner Mike O'Hara and wing man Ryan Wagner, an example of the perks of the job.

"I would say get your sleep, take your vitamins, and get prepared to be surprised every single time you walk into the Fan Cave," O'Hara said. "It's really that good."

"Make sure you take the time, if you're lucky enough to get hired for this job, to enjoy each and every moment, because it goes too fast," Wagner added. "Once it's over, it's over."

O'Hara and Wagner watched all 2,429 regular-season games at the three-story Fan Cave located at Fourth Street and Broadway in New York, a lavish joint designed by Paul Dimeo of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Who knows what the 2012 place will look like -- or better yet, where it will be?

The two baseball fans followed the final day of the regular season in true dream style, with a 15-screen Cave Monster as TV networks did live remotes to show them watching Cardinals and Rays clinchers. They hung out during All-Star Week at Fan Cave West, which was poolside behind the Chase Field wall in Phoenix. They are attending every game of the World Series.

They hosted more than 100 Major League players, Hall of Famers and celebs along the way, created regular blog posts, tweets, statuses and videos. You can expect watching all the games, producing content and interacting with MLB personalities and famous fans will be part of the gig, but other than that, expect details over the offseason.

For now, simply go to MLBFanCave.com and register your e-mail address to sign up for the 2012 MLB Dream Job updates. Wagner said that if you are lucky, you will be paired with someone with whom it is a joy to spend a long season and Fall Classic.

"It was a lot of luck on our part, but being able to say after these eight months that as difficult as it has been and as much time as we spent together, having someone like Mike, who is a very dear friend of mine now, made it easier," Wagner said. "I think if I would have gone to work every day hating the guy I had to go to work with, that would have made it difficult."

Who was the coolest person to hang out with at the Cave in 2011? (Besides Jack Hannahan.) Was it Goose Gossage? DJ Pauly D? All-Stars? Models? LMFAO performing live?

"Every single Major League ballplayer who we got to meet this season was interesting," said O'Hara, who was plucked from his Irish punk band in Los Angeles. "There was something about them that you didn't know. They let their guard down. They didn't have their press-savvy kind of responses. They talked to us as people. We were lucky enough to come away saying that some of these guys now are friends of ours. You realize they are grown men getting paid a lot of money to play a kid's game, but they are really interesting cats and a lot of fun to be around."

Neither O'Hara nor Wagner had any real sense of what was in store for them, but they knew that it was an opportunity that you could not pass up. Now here they were on the field after Game 1, doing more video shoots and soaking in the prize after being holed up for months.

"I went into this thinking I didn't have a horse in the race -- it's the World Series and I wished the Yankees were in it, because that's the team I grew up on," O'Hara said. "But I actually found myself pulling for the Cardinals. As a prerequisite for this job, I'm a baseball fan. ... The Cave was unbelievable, but there's nothing like being at a baseball game. If you can come to the World Series, forget about it."

"This has been a nice culmination for us of this season," Wagner said. "Sitting up there in that seat, having a couple of beers, and just enjoying talking to a buddy of mine about the game that was going on. After all the pressure and all the games and watching and all the hours we spent in the Fan Cave, as rewarding as it was, being able to spend three hours focusing on one game, talking to a friend of mine over a beer and some hot dogs -- nothing better in the world."

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