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10/23/11 8:24 PM ET

Berkman, Hamilton assist with NFL coin flip

ARLINGTON -- Major League Baseball and the National Football League merged once again Sunday afternoon. When the two leagues are holding events right across the street from one another, it's pretty easy.

A few hours before the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers faced off in Game 4 of the World Series, the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys got going from Cowboys Stadium, the spaceship-looking dome that sits easily within walking distance of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

And just before kickoff, the Cardinals' Lance Berkman and the Rangers' Josh Hamilton served as honorary captains.

The two power-hitting outfielders, dressed in their respective uniforms, walked toward the middle of the field for the coin flip -- neither of them got to pick heads or tails, however -- and helped kick off Week 7 of the NFL season before preparing to continue a World Series that the Cardinals entered Sunday leading, 2-1.

Berkman, the Texas product who once did the same before a Houston Texans game, called the experience "pretty neat."

"It was pretty fun to see a different, new atmosphere and a different side of sports," Hamilton said. "It was a tremendous atmosphere."

Sunday was the first time Berkman and Hamilton had ever stepped foot inside Cowboys Stadium, the $1.3 billion facility that stands as the largest domed stadium in the world and holds the world's largest high-definition video screen -- one that ranges between the 20-yard lines.

"It's pretty legit," Hamilton said.

"Pretty impressive," Berkman added. "For 1.3 billion, it should be."

The previous night, the entire Rams team showed up to support the Cardinals, though they left the ballpark in the fourth inning to rest up for the game -- one they eventually lost, 34-7.

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