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12/27/11 6:13 PM EST

No movement on Athletics' potential move

There has been no change in the status of a possible A's move from Oakland to San Jose, the club's managing partner told MLB.com on Tuesday.

"Not to my knowledge," Lew Wolff said. "Everything is in the same position as it was a month ago. We're still looking for a 'yes' or 'no' answer. So this is news to me. I'm not sure where some of this stuff is coming from. Until now, nobody [from the media] has talked to me."

Wolff's comments come three days after USA Today's Bob Nightengale tweeted, "All signs and top MLB sources say that the Athletics will be granted permission by [February] to move to San Jose."

"With the committee still working, we don't comment," an MLB spokesman said when reached in New York on Tuesday.

Wolff said there has been ongoing contact with officials from Major League Baseball about the issue but that there's no timeline for a decision. He also confirmed that the issue is not on the agenda for the upcoming Owners Meetings, being held from Jan. 11-12 in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

"I hope [a decision] would come in February. I'd like it to come in December," he said. "But there's no timetable. It's a decision that has to be made by the Commissioner."

A month ago, Wolff said he was awaiting some movement from MLB on the issue.

"We need an answer, whether it's yes or no," he said at the time. "I need an answer pretty soon. Last year it didn't affect our planning. This year it is."

Wolff asked MLB in 2008 for permission to move 35 miles south from Oakland, to San Jose, and Commissioner Bud Selig put together a three-person committee to review the relocation options inside and outside the Bay Area. The San Francisco Giants have blocked a possible move to San Jose, claiming that Santa Clara County is part of their territory.

The San Jose market once belonged to the A's, who ceded it to the Giants in the 1980s while they were trying to build a ballpark in Santa Clara County, where the team lost two separate popular votes. The Giants have since self-funded their own successful ballpark on the waterfront in San Francisco, a stadium that opened in 2000, but are still claiming San Jose as their territory.

In the meantime, A's general manager Billy Beane has jump-started a rebuilding of the team, collecting seven combined prospects over two deals that sent All-Star Gio Gonzalez to the Nationals and fellow front-line starter Trevor Cahill to the D-backs -- moves he hopes equates to a contending team in a new stadium as early as 2014.

As does Wolff, though, Beane maintains that he hasn't been given a decision by MLB regarding the stadium, though he expects one soon. He simply has no choice, he said, but to act as if approval will come in the near future.

When reached regarding Nightengale's post on Twitter, Beane had no comment.

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