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10/11/2012 12:18 AM ET

Oct. 10 Hiroki Kuroda postgame interview

Q. First playoff start here at Yankee Stadium.  Do you feel as good as you have most of the year, and what was the key to lasting until the ninth inning?

HIROKI KURODA:  Yes, I was a little bit nervous, but overall I felt pretty much the same way as I did during the season.

Q.  Joe said he thought the extra rest for you helped.  Did you feel that out there?

HIROKI KURODA:  I think it was really beneficial for me having this rest because throughout the season I kept the rotation mostly every five days, but having the rest really did me a favor.

Q.  What was your reaction to Raul's home run in the ninth inning?

HIROKI KURODA:  It seemed like it was something out of a cartoon (smiling).  It was unbelievable.

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