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Posted 10/1/11 at 10:30 PM

This is the greatest invention ever

There are hardly any lines at one Budweiser beer stand in the main concourse at Citizens Bank Ballpark, and it’s not because no one’s buying any beer.

Phillies fans have no problem loading up in between innings, especially when it takes seven seconds for a 20-ounce beer to be automatically poured and cleanly distributed.

“That’s the fastest beer I’ve ever gotten,” said an overly-excited customer during the fifth inning of Saturday’s NLDS matchup with the Cardinals.

The stand is called Bottoms Up, a name taken quite literally, as the beer enters though a magnetic hole in the bottom of the cup, filling to the top with little foam and rarely a spill before being handed to the customer.

The opening in the bottom is just large enough to latch the cup onto the platform, pushing up the magnetic stopper. When the beer gets to the top, the magnet again connects with the cup, sealing the bottom and keeping the beer from leaking out.

“I get questions about it all the time,” says vendor Diane Colbert. “It’s crazy. It’s made my job a lot easier. And I don’t have to be sticking my hands in ice all night. Or waiting 20 seconds for a draft to fill the cup.”

Colbert’s stand has one flaw: the 20-ounce beer costs $6.75, while a 12-ounce beer of the same brand costs $7.50 in bottle form.

“I get yelled at for that,” she said. “People come back and realize it. They’re like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me the first time!’”

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